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What is my faith

Updated on June 10, 2013
A candle drawn with crayon and photographed.
A candle drawn with crayon and photographed. | Source

Compassion comes from the heart that flows through thousand river streams in your body.

It makes you what you are which is the most loving human being.

Where love goes compassion follows

Your compassion can be thick as ice.

Or thinly pale as a tainted glass that sees no love and understands no faith.

Faith is your chance in your time of despair.

Have faith in remembering things you are studying.

It shall come to you in a flash when you are doing an exam.

Faith can help you find your way.

Faith is your wisdom.

Faith is your strength.

No two people’s faith is the same.

Faith is built through positive reinforcement.

You can speak faith into someone.

Ask yourself everyday where your faith in yourself is.

And you will know of it.

Copyright(c) Shamela 11 / January / 2012

My drawing.
My drawing. | Source


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