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when love fails

Updated on April 26, 2010

When Love Fails

Apr 10

Like the stars in the sky swirl together in the moonlight,

Like fireflies flicker as lovers embrace spellbound nights,

Something in the way you flowed into me seemed right,

In the darkest recesses of my abyss, you were a scintilla of light.

Then came convolutions and revolutions and massive miscommunications,

Convulsions, revulsions, repulsions, rejections and dejections.

What was once a sweet sensation turned to bloody pain profusion.

Then potions and lotions and injections and crucifixions.

This is what love does when it has done with you.

This is what it feels to be emotionally blue.

When love fails, other passions make do,

When hope falls, nothing consoles you.

When the spirit is gone, there is nothing to do

But bear the slings and arrows and take the fall that was due,

Gulp down the liquor and strum the blues on the porch

Watching love loot, shoot and torch down your town …


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    • kaleem raja profile image

      kaleem raja 7 years ago from luton, england

      thank you. i wrote it about a friend of mine. another tale of unrequited love. the road to love supreme seems to be cobbled with the skulls of lovers.

    • alternate poet profile image

      alternate poet 7 years ago

      passionate !