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where do i begin when i want it to end

Updated on January 31, 2013


where do i begin?

when i want it to end?

make it stop.


how do i go

help me run away

just tell me no..


i want you to know

it's too hard to walk away

when what i really want to tell you

is please, dont go


always gone tomorrow

but what about today

this game

you play

what does it all mean?

what do you want?

we are opposite teams

miss understood

should be my alias

i see pain in your eyes

run away

from all of this

life is not easy

love is much worse

if life is bore into us

then love is the curse.

round 2

here we go

don't settle for this

you did it once

you deserve better

than this

don't let yourself fall

you'll end up in shambles

you vs yourself, a bloody brawl

not worth the gamble

make a change

live for the future

because living for now


your heart needing yet another


hold your breath


surround yourself with those

who appreciate

you only live once

make the best of it

living life for others

becomes desolate

love yourself first

the rest will come

here today

gone tomorrow

what have you done?

keep pushing forward

do not look back

learn from your mistakes

before you fall victim

to heart attack

embrace karma

be true to yourself

life is all a game

play the cards you are dealt.


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