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Lesson Four: Where To Never Take A Girl Once You Have Picked Her Up

Updated on May 5, 2010

Some guys are lucky. They drive big mobile homes outfitted with waterbeds and mirrored ceilings and hot tubs and wet bars. Where to take girls when they pick them up is usually no problem, unless the girl happens to be allergic to mobile homes.

Some guys are not so lucky. They live with a roommate, or worse, with a wife. Where to take girls when they pick them up is always a problem, unless the girl drives a big mobile home.

Some guys panic when they have a picked-up girl on their arm and don't know where to take her. They go somewhere dumb, like bowling.

You should never take a picked-up girl bowling. A picked-up girl isn't in the mood to go bowling. There are other places a picked-up girl is not in the mood to go. Don't take her there.

Where To Never Take A Picked-Up Girl

Unless you are running for "Nerd of the Decade" you should never take a picked-up girl:

1. Home to meet your mother.

2. Home to meet her mother.

3. To the morgue.

4. To a doctor to see if she's a virgin.

5. To a sausage throwing contest.

6. To witness a midget's vasectomy.

7. Anywhere that she will be subjected to a cavity search.

8. To a quiet place so she can talk to God first.

And Thus Concludes Lesson Four

This is the fourth part of a series of ten lessons on how a Gentleman may pursue a Lady.

Next we answer the question: What If The Girl Has A Boyfriend?

Here are the previous three lessons in case you missed them:

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    • R3dcougar profile image

      R3dcougar 7 years ago from Ireland

      Also....never take her...for granted!