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White floating candles

Updated on August 14, 2012

Lichen in green patches of stones.

Geranium scents the breeze unknown.

I walk behind pots of roses.

Love is best at ease in light.

The pond waters your hope in floating lights.

I light floating candles.

White floating candles mixing beauty in a pond.

White floating candles scent the ground.

White floating candles dance in mixture of love.

I have my garden within a pond.

The pond is dark as the night’s eyes.

The pond looks like the night’s sky.

I sit at edge of the pond.

I place my feet into the water’s pond.

The pond water is near my knees.

I tame the white candles with my feet.

White candles that circle around freely.

They appear as stars in the pond.

The fruits bend towards the glow of the candles.

They like the light that floats.

The candles work like angels that keep the garden happy.

Happiness makes a garden as a quite living room.

Copyright(c) Shamela 27 / February / 2012


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