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A Christmas Tree in the White House by Gary Hines

Updated on February 26, 2018

Photo of my book

A Delightful Children's Book for Christmastime!

This book for children is based on true facts about one Christmas in the White House with President Theodore Roosevelt and his children. The children wanted a cut Christmas tree for the White House but President Roosevelt insisted that they set an example for America and not kill a living tree but save the trees for the future. Since President Roosevelt was so active in Conservation, he felt this was of the utmost importance and refused to agree with the children's request until he learned better.

Two of his sons sneaked out of the White House during the night and cut a tree that they put up in their bedroom and hid in their closet. When their dad found it, he grabbed up both boys and headed to the home of his friend, Gifford Pinchot. Gifford Pinchot was the first trained forester and was the first chief of the U.S. Forest Service. President Roosevelt was expecting his friend to teach the boys a good lesson but instead he explained to them that sometimes it is good to take out a live tree in order that the smaller trees get more sunlight and more room to grow.

President Roosevelt never did allow a big cut tree in the house for Christmas but they celebrated that year with the small one in the boys room.

President Roosevelt and Gillford Pinchot were responsible for setting aside millions of acres of forested land for future use and protection.Photo Credit: "A Christmas Tree in the White House" available on

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A Christmas Tree in the White House
A Christmas Tree in the White House
I am not sure how many parents have read this book to their children but I feel it is well worth the read for both parents and child. If you see this book on Amazon or Ebay or anywhere for sale, you ought to purchase the treasured First Edition. When I made this lens, I did not realize that the book was out of print. It is such a wonderful book for children ages 4 - 8 and I was very disappointed to learn that it was out of print. We will certainly treasure our copy.Amazon is now showing this book for sale again. They have some new copies and used. Remember that it is now considered a collectible and will most probably increase in value. This is a wonderful story with an important history lesson for all ages. President Roosevelt was surprised that his friend Gifford Pinchot did not agree with him about not having a Christmas Tree in the White House. Pinchot explained to Roosevelt and his children that cutting down a tree did not mean he was going against his conservation efforts. Fortunately, the children in the White House were able to keep the tree that they had hidden from their father. Although they were never allowed to cut down a huge tree like they wanted, they were allowed the smaller one in their room. This is a delightful read for not only the listener but also the reader and one you will want to keep and pass down to the next generation.

A Little Preview of A Christmas Tree In The White House - A very special Childrens Book

I am reading and showing you the first few pages just to give you an idea of how wonderful this book is. It really is a treasure and a keepsake.

I hope you enjoy this sneak preview!

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Childrens Author - Gary Hines - I still love to read Childrens Books

When my grandson was little, we would get in the bed and he would get between my legs with a pile of books. We would read until he fell asleep. He reminded me of that the other day and it felt so good that I had given him a fond memory. I read to him the day he was born and continued to read to him every day.

Interview With Author Gary Hines

I appreciated Author Gary Hines taking time for this email interview

I had emailed Author Gary Hines from his website to ask permission to use his picture and I also mentioned that I would like to do an email interview. I was thrilled when I heard from him and he granted his permission for me to use his picture as well as answered a few questions for me.

After I told him how much I enjoyed his book "A Christmas Tree in the White House" and told him about my Review of it, I asked him the following questions:

  • Mr. Hines, is your book "Christmas Tree in the White House" out of print? Unfortunately, both "A Christmas Tree in the White House" and "Thanksgiving in the White House" have recently gone out of print, although Thanksgiving can still be purchased through one of Scholastic's book clubs.
  • What is your latest book? My latest picture book, a story about conservation, is called "Midnight Forests." You can find out more about it on my webpage.
  • Are you working on any other books that we can look forward to? Currently, I'm working on a middle grade novel involving time travel and have a few other manuscripts with my agent.

Author Gary Hines also had this to say in one of his emails:

"Thanks for your message. I'm glad you enjoy "A Christmas Tree In The White House" and appreciate your nice review."

A Christmas Tree In The White House was illustrated by Alexandra Wallner

I truly enjoyed these illustrations

I was looking for information about Alexandra Wallner and came across this wonderful site:Alexandra Wallner (1946-) Biography - Personal, Addresses, Career, Writings, SidelightsI hope you will visit this site as it has some great information.

The First Time I Saw This Book

My friend, Billie Allen, gave this book to my grandson when he was very small. She and her husband, Bob, insisted that I read it to him and I was so glad that I did. Bob was with the Forestry Department at Clemson University and had worked for the U.S. Forest Service. He was also a great admirer of President Theodore Roosevelt. Bob and Billie were very dear friends and I miss them very much. I learned a lot from both of them.

Author Gary Hines signed my Guestbook on November 17, 2008!

Anyone can sign the guest book. Of course, I was thrilled to have the author of this book sign it and I will be just as thrilled when you do, too.

I would love to hear what you think of this childrens book. Tell me about your favorite Childrens Book.

Thanks for the nice review!

— Gary Hines

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