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WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software

Updated on September 4, 2017

WhiteSmoke is one of the quality writing enhancement software available on the marketplace. It is quite similar to the built-in function of top word processors for checking spelling and grammar. However, it has some additional features that are not available in word processors, such as Microsoft Word.


  • Comprehensive checkers for grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure and style
  • Translation of full texts
  • Multi-lingual dictionary
  • Artificial intelligence technology
  • Templates on various writing styles for business letters, resumes, finance writing, greetings, etc.



Ease of use

WhiteSmoke is very user-friendly. To check any text, simply highlight it in Word or Notepad and press F2 on your keyboard. The text to be proof-read will be instantly inserted into the WhiteSmoke interface. Alternatively, you can use the copy and paste function.

In the WhiteSmoke screen, corrections will appear at a high speed above the words. Click on the errors it identifies and there will be an explanation of the issue. To accept the corrections, simply click on them or click for more options. The software can only analyze a small portion of text at one time (3,000 characters).

After correcting the text, click on the ‘Check’ button for the program to check the text once more with the changes. Next, you will see a message “Would you like to check the next paragraph?”. Click ‘Yes’ if you wish to continue, otherwise click ‘No’. When you click ‘No’, the software will return to the original document screen.


Writing Review Report

The software will generate a writing review report, which includes an overall rating of your text.

The rating is for the following six separate categories: word choice, informal expressions, voice, redundancy, sentence structure, and sentence length. Sentence count, word count and character count are also shown.

A green bar indicates a well-written text. A yellow bar is a caution signal while an orange bar means that the category needs to be improved upon.

Error detection and correction rate

WhiteSmoke can correct the majority of mistakes in English texts.  Using Natural Language Processing, it can correct errors that commonly occur in the natural flow of writing.    

Nonetheless, even with its advanced spelling and grammar checker, not all errors can be detected by the software. For example, an abnormal grammar sentence structure (e.g. Think go shopping and buy clothing) will not be detected. Bullet points and sentence fragments also tend to confuse WhiteSmoke.  There can be occasional slips as well when the software did not understand the meaning of what was written. 

Overall, these do not pose major problems, as long as you do not accept every correction automatically.

Therefore, basic knowledge on your part regarding spelling and grammar is essential, in order to decide if the suggested correction should be applied or to be ignored.

Despite having flaws, WhiteSmoke can still be useful to some people as a time-saver for proof-reading. Nevertheless, it is definitely unsuitable for people who are weak in their English language foundation.

Help & Support

WhiteSmoke’s customer service and technical support are available via telephone, email or online chat. Frequently asked questions can be found in the company’s website.

Different license versions

WhiteSmoke software is available in the following versions:-

WhiteSmoke - One Year - US$79.95

WhiteSmoke - Life Time (6-year service) - US$169.95

WhiteSmoke - Premium Edition - US$299.95

A free trial version is available too. Above prices are the 2013 New Year Clearance prices.

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