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Who stolen our iphone?

Updated on August 31, 2016


Yesterday I received an email that I have hit an important milestone at, that I have completed three years! Wow...

But on the same day, my phone beeped, wept that Steve Jobs is no more. No Jobs! How sad? How do we live without Jobs! My first encounter with a computer was in 1985, when our company’s boss brought the first computer, an Apple II. I was held by the wow of the piece that do lot of wonderful things. It created Inventory feasibility in just couple of minutes which normally took a week’s time for us to prepare. Since that day, I fell in love with the computers. Great Jobs! Steve, RIP.

Coming back to email, they informed me that I just completed three years with them. That feeling is wonderful. And the email asked me to write a new hub so I might become their next success story.

In my attempt to be HubPages next success story, here is a short story. This is my small tribute to legend Steve Jobs.

3-Years of relationship with HubPages!
3-Years of relationship with HubPages!

Who has stolen our iphone?

When I woke one fine morning, I suddenly discovered that my nose has disappeared! I got scared. From the bed, I screamed! Hala, my wife almost came running to my room and asked what had happened?

“Someone has stolen my nose!” I spoke in tremulous voice.

On hearing this, Hala’s expression changed to disappointment. “Why are you shouting for such a small thing?” She left the room as quickly as she had entered asking me to look around the room. May be it has fallen during my sleep.

I clearly remember seeing my nose in its place before I went to sleep. I searched the whole room, but in vain. I went to the office. I discussed this with my colleagues. They sympathised with me, but offered no help.

The next day morning, the first thing I did was to look into the mirror, hoping my nose to be back. But I was shocked as soon I saw in the mirror that my left ear is missing!

Oh, my God. I shouted and called for Hala who was busy preparing breakfast for the kids. She came running and asked what had happened.

I was trembling and pointed my hand towards my left ear. Someone has stolen my ear as well.

“Look around Omar!” She gave sarcastic look and left.

I took out my phone from under the pillow and called office that I will be late for look today, and started searching my room. I even started looking around the whole house. Neither the nose nor the ear was found. Disappointed, I asked Hala to lodge a complaint to the building’s manager. I left for the office without having breakfast, I was getting late for work. At office, I narrated how someone entering my room and stealing my body parts. A close friend at office suggested me to consult a private detective. Or better still to lodge a police complaint.

Not knowing what to do, I returned home. I asked Hala if she lodged a complaint. She nodded in negative without uttering a single word. She was busy, with kids, TV and phone. She slipped to chat with her relative with my phone, as my phone bills are paid by my office! If she is not chatting, then she will be checking out newest recipes on my phone’s apps.

Before going to bed, I discussed with Hala. I even told that my colleagues had suggested me to consult a detective. One detective lived next block.

Hala yelled, “You want to hire a detective?” “Are you mad?” she continued, “you know how much it will cost?”

“But darling, today it is my nose, and ear...,” I almost pleaded, “tomorrow, it can something else.”

Someone is entering in our house and stealing things. We must stop.

But Hala was not impressed and said scornfully refuse to go to any private detective or make a police complaint. But somehow, she agreed to lodge an official complaint to building manager, who lives in the same building, next to our apartment.

I was awake through that night. And just before dawn, I fell asleep briefly. In doziness, I felt someone coming very close to me and removing a part of my body. By the time I was fully awake, he disappeared. I saw a shadow jumping out of my balcony. On seeing the shadow, I wanted to scream, but seeing Hala in deep sleep, I tried to close my open mouth with my both hands...

But wow! Only one hand appeared from underneath the pillow. My left was not there where it was suppose to be! My goodness! I don’t know what to do next. I don’t wake Hala up to inform her loss of my left hand. But I can’t go to the police or detective without her consent. She will only shout at me.

I don’t want to be scolded by her. I waited dawn to break into bright morning. Hala was in fast sleep, when I woke her up. She as angry that I woke her up before the alarm went off. Then I told her that she is already half hour late. The alarm didn’t go because, the phone has gone missing!

I told her that someone stolen my left hand last night! And our phone was in my left palm, when fell asleep! That news fell on her like a bomb. Not for the missing for left hand, but for our phone. Dear iphone!

The next half hour or so, our house was filled with huge noise. Started screaming and yelling. She run to the room and started searching the room. She looked around the whole house – and couldn’t found our phone.

“Omar! Call the police!” She was shouting.

“Go and talk to your friend detective!”

“My cousin has friend who is in police department, perhaps we can take their help!”

“Do something, find the phone!”

Omar! Omar!

Hala’s yelling has reached all the six apartments in our block. Families from our building started gathering at our home. Almost everyone was present.

Even the detective from next block came running over our apartment wondering if bomb has exploded here!

The detective offered to help us for a large sum of money. I thought Hala will not agree. But to my surprise, she agreed. She agreed to pay double the cost of the phone!! She wanted our phone back!

She was started crying. She can’t live without our phone! The Iphone!

Since Hala came to know about missing phone, she was restless. She was murmuring non-stop, running around the house looking for the dear phone! She was murmuring! She was talking to herself.

“How am I going to chat with my cousins?”

“my friends!”

“how I am going to cook without the recipe from the phone”

“I can’t gossip now!”

“Oh! God help us find the phone!”

“Without it I am lost!” “Can’t drive to my parent’s home!”

“I can’t bank, can’t order movie tickets!” “Without the phone, I can’t even think of shopping!” I can’t even teach my kids, maths!!!”

“How can I remember birthdays of my friends?” “How to Google? Twit?? How to facebook???”

Hala had agreed to pay the detective his fees only if he can found the missing phone intact.

Hala was trying to reach out to some of her friends who can get help from police department. She seems not be happy with the way the detective started his search.

The detective ask me to give detailed narrative how our phone gone missing! I started with my missing nose, then ear, then my left hand. At the time of my left hand got missing, the phone was in my left palm. The detective concluded that to find the phone, he must first find my left hand! To find my left hand, he must know who must have stolen my ear, my nose!

Things are moving in the right direction! At least as far as I am concern!

He has asked the residents from all the six apartments of the building to be gathered in orderly manner at the community hall near the car parking area.

But one important family were missing from the scene. The manager of the block and his family was not there in the gathering. The detective suspected the manager and wanted to enter into the Manager’s apartment. The apartment, next ours, was found locked. The detective went into our house and from our bedroom’s balcony he swung to another balcony that led to apartment of the Manager. Once inside, he broke open the bedroom window of the Manager’s apartment.

By now, everyone gathered there were assure that the phone thief is the Manager. The detective returned from the apartment, bit disappointed. From his facial expression, it looks like that he was not successful. Hala was on the verge of another bout of crying!

The detective told, he couldn’t found the phone. But he has found lot of body parts... including my nose, ear and my left hand. But not the phone!

The next the day morning, the alarm rang at the right time. Hala woke up wearing a big smile. She has fallen in love all over again! Now she knew that I hold the phone in my right hand.

No one has ever stolen our phone! And never will!


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    • zanaworld profile image

      SA Shameel 6 years ago from Bangalore

      @gabby0506 - thanks for the comments and enjoying my story.

      @ molometer: I totally agree with you. I will rework on this, will do proof reading this weekend.

    • molometer profile image

      molometer 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Interesting concept needs a little proof reading.

    • gabby0506 profile image

      gabby0506 6 years ago from Bangalore

      Wow!! Very nice hub!! I enjoyed the story!! you are really creative!!