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Why Lot's wife turned to a pillar of salt.

Updated on May 18, 2018

Mr Daniel was smiling unwittingly in solitude when his two great-grandchildren walked to him and asked, in unison, “ what is such a funny, great grandpa? “ it took him some time to respond, “ sorry children you will not understand at your age. Well, I was hypnotised by thought.” Just then his only child, Mrs Maria Richardson, joined them. “I can see you are having a nice time with the kids, “she said, “The guests are waiting for your speech.”

Mr Daniel stood before his guests from all walks of life and started, “I welcome you to my ninety-two birthday celebration. Most of us here know that the journey of life is not easy. Some forty years ago, I struggled to train my children. My elder brother was in the same situation. We both determined to give our children the best education so that they could be useful to themselves, to us, and to society. Unfortunately, after much struggle to pay school expenses, my brother lost his son immediately he graduated from the university. I had to console him, and I gave him reasons to move on in life. Then two years later his daughter who also graduated the same year was involved in an accident. My brother heard the news he did not know when he walked towards the highway, without waiting for the full details. Luckily for us, no one could explain how it happened; his daughter was the only one who survived with a minor injury of the eighteen passengers. She regained consciousness some days later, and we believed God did it. Later that same year, I lost my son who was in his final year at the university. It was a painful loss to me, but I had to accept it with equanimity, and I moved on in life. His burial was fixed a month later in my hometown.
On the day of this burial, Maria got sick that morning, so I could not join in the convoy or ambulance to my hometown because I had to take her to see our family doctor. My wife agreed that she and our three children would join the convoy while Maria and I would come in another car after seeing our family doctor. I was on my way to my hometown when I saw an accident that involved the convoy, ambulance, a bus, and a lorry. Not only did my dead son died the second time but also my wife and three children killed in the accident. The pain was so much for me to bear so I could not accept it. I had consoled others in life, but I did not listen to those who tried to comfort me because I did not believe them. I found reasons to stop believing in God because I thought he couldn’t exist and let such things happen. I planned to commit suicide because it seemed I lost everything. I was on the verge of it when something touched my suffering heart and made me think again. I reasoned, “Maria is my last child; she was only 14 yr old then.” I thought what she would do without me. Then I asked myself, “is it right for me to kill myself because I lost all that mattered to me in life?” I started laughing so loud that people rushed to find out what is wrong with me. Some of them thought I had gone insane. I told them I was all right. Truly I felt all right and relieved. They had earlier consoled me, but I felt better that moment I consoled myself. I laughed because I was lucky to have realised that the devil almost made me quit. I stood and took care of Maria who was all I had left then. But now I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I also made wealth; and because of my current status, some people may be deceived to think I never suffered, cried, or struggled in life. Today I understand better why God promised to give Abraham as far as he could see. I understand why Peter wrote in various time that we look forward forgetting the past. Today I understand why Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt for she looked back to where she thought her treasure was. She did not want to let go of her treasure, so she held onto it without knowing that the real treasure lied ahead. Today I know that you, my guest, may have a harder battle than mine but we can fight on and push forward by only looking forward and aiming the highest heavens because we can get as far as we can see even when we cannot see it. We can see it as if it is there. Let us never look back except in gratitude because looking back will stop us from looking forward where the greater things are waiting for those who continue to hold on and move forward despite the odds. Today I looked back in gratitude, and I smiled because, that day, while I cried for my loss, little, did I know that God used Maria’s illness to save my life, if not we all may have died that day. The simple task of looking forward is not easy, but it is truly the only key to higher ground. I do not know how long I have to live but let us not give up in our quest for a more peaceful, and united world where men will live for God. I repeat it will not be easy but let us try and we shall be glad we did. Thank you all for coming.”

Maria helped her father down the podium. Truly people say, “ life starts at forty” but Mr Daniel was among those whose life started well over forty yet he lived honourably, and he was a man of high integrity.
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    • davidkaluge profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks Organic. I shall do my best to keep writing something great or even greater.

    • profile image

      organic search engine optimization 

      6 years ago

      Great stuff from youR , man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great blog.

    • davidkaluge profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Writers should have a sytle of relating a message to their read. Writers should also know how to create stories from their own experinces and the experince of others. Then they can choose the method to use in writing the story. Life is not easy so we all may have experinced some thing unpleastant. I usually write to send message to reader which can be to make them learn to reason for themself, motivate them,inspire them among others. I use my own experince and that of others. Then a choose a way to write it

    • Trish_M profile image

      Tricia Mason 

      7 years ago from The English Midlands

      Hello David :)

      You write ~ here and elsewhere on Hub Pages ~ with great feeling and empathy.

      May I ask if you write fiction, or if the stories you publish, here, are true ones?

      I wonder, how far is your writing autobiographical?

    • davidkaluge profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      you are right, my friend but we just have to move on against the odds.

    • Pollyannalana profile image


      8 years ago from US

      You have truly been through a lot and I know many of us wonder at it. It is like some people just never have things bad and others have so much bad and we know there is no difference in these people. Why does a Christian family lose a child and a prostitute that will probably turn that baby girl of hers into one too have such a healthy baby. There is no way we will have these answers here on earth.


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