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Pressure rids you of treasure

Updated on June 6, 2010

Pressure rid you of treasure

 Pressure rids you of treasure
By Ayoola Bandele

On the high mountain where thick darkness dwells
A treasure is found from amongst the crowd
In the jungle of life, the best is singled out
In the forest of hopelessness, hope is found
At the feet of the organ a treasure is seen
In the assembly of people, when the heart is merry
The eyes see the treasure the heart once sought

Fingers trailing on the keys of melody
Playing, preying and searching the tune in the inner soul
The treasure seeking out the owner - the best amongst the crowd
Head nodding, legs tapping to the melody of the heart and
At the gathering of people, serving the people, the best is found

Year in, year out, years gone by
Soul searches, soul connects where the soul met 
The heart rejoice to hold the treasure
But the outer space is the delusion of the real
And the best is not complete

The best is solely the treasure in the measure
But the vacuum is the danger to the longing hearts
The treasure clinging to the best for the measure
But objections to the treasure leave the soul weary
And the best soul floats like a butterfly in the air

The best succumbs to the pressure and
Finds a matching soul to bestow
But the besotted beastly brakes the best
And the best is battered, hammered and tattered
In desperation, the best hunts for the treasure

But the treasure is lost in the measure
Oh the best weeps and mourns for the treasure
Oh how the pressure rids you of treasure
The treasure tries his best but the cord is broken
The best simply did not wait for the treasure

The pressure rids you of treasure
When you give up at the minute for the measure
Then you do not stand the chance for the treasure
As the treasure thread to the new measure
That appreciates the nurture of the treasure

In pressure trouble starts and mounts
Till you can take it no more
Then you brake down and bobble up
Till the measure brakes and you give up
There the pressure rids you of treasure


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    • Cari Jean profile image

      Cari Jean 7 years ago from Bismarck, ND

      Wow - really great writing. Thanks for sharing this.