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Why We Hate Mondays

Updated on July 7, 2011

I read recently that Monday is the day of the week most often chosen by suicidal people. Do you think it’s possible that the total collection of all the negative thoughts concerning Mondays coalesces in the air and spreads like rain clouds, misting all of humanity with a vapor of permeating pessimism? It could explain why Mondays are referred to as “blue”. It could explain why so many people feel like crawling back under the covers when the alarm goes off at 6:30 on a Monday morning. Of course, it could also be that we try to cram too much activity into a weekend, accumulated chores and family night out and boy’s night out and one too many beers watching the late night show. The extra beer is so that hopefully we can stop thinking about getting up for work the next day.

Monday has become the day that gets dumped on. It’s not like the world will ever go to a 3 day weekend, with Monday becoming the third day. If the corporate world chose a 3 day weekend, Fridays would be the new weekend day, with Thursdays being bumped to the “new” Friday, and Tuesday would become the new hump day I suppose. We could then choose to perceive Monday as the day before hump day or as the day when we come off our 3 day bender, which is now twice as hard as before, when we only had two days to recover from. Monday will never be our favorite day, I’m afraid.

When did Monday become the least favorite day of the week? When did we lose our enthusiasm for Mondays? Does everyone hate Mondays? If you’re a millionaire you probably don’t hate Mondays; it’s just another day for you to draw interest on your million dollar bank account. Woohoo! If you have a vacation planned that starts on Monday, you probably don’t hate that specific Monday. If anything nice is happening to you on Mondays, it might change the way you feel about Mondays for a while. At least until you get back into the daily grind. You probably don’t hate Mondays if you don’t work Mondays, but then, your first day of work during the week probably feels like everyone else’s Monday. So, then, it’s not really Monday itself that we hate, it’s that first day of the workweek.

Why is everyone so unhappy with starting a new workweek? If we work five days out of every week, we’d still have one day that would be the first day of work after a two day break. That day would be the one we dread. Even if it changed every week, we’d still have that first day back to work. Could it be that we look forward to the break more than we look forward to the paycheck on Friday? After all, we already know that paycheck is spent…on bills or whatever… but it’s gone before we even get it. But anything could happen on the weekend….the possibilities are endless. We might hate Mondays, but without Mondays, we’d never move forward to the weekend.


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    • jderb52 profile image

      jderb52 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      Okay, Pintoman,you now have me thoroughly confused as to your work schedule! LOL! Mondays are not that bad to me, but I sure do hear a lot of grumbling from the coworkers, which appears to be an ongoing thing.

    • Pintoman profile image

      Pintoman 6 years ago

      I like Mondays. Time goes by faster after being a way a day or two. My place of employment is supposed to be 4 tens, so we should have 3 day weekends, which would make Mondays go by even faster. But we work 5 days a week, sometimes 6, which gets old. It is old.