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Window Pain No tears

Updated on August 19, 2016

The last thing on his mind was the rain, wet as Jonathan was he knew little about the heavy rain drops hammering his skull. Wearing nothing but a baseball cap and with just a pen in his hand, Jonathan could not stand the pain on his feet as he had been standing in that position for over three hours starring at the building across the road. The only thing starring back was the black troubled cat.

Jonathan frowned a little as he sat on the red cold brick wall with his feet hanging down, his hands folded slowly as he was starting to feel cold. The dark skinned man looked down the empty dark street 15 stories below his feet. He could only imagine how peaceful it was down there wishing his heart could learn that much peace, suddenly that reminded him of the event seven hours ago.

"Listen Jonathan, you are smart! Don't get me wrong, I like you, you hard working, but the situation right now is bad for me, the Company, the whole industry is collapsing. I wish there was another way, but there isn't. We will have to let you go"

In just two sentences, his life was crushed, his ten page resume could not save him from this, not even his fifteen years of experience could save his back. His heart pounded so fast one would swear 10 horses were racing in there, his wind pipe started to shrink as his pores opened to let the sweat flow out of his body. Jonathan loosened his neck tie to allow more oxygen into his body, swallowed every little bubble of oxygen he could suck with his dry mouth. He had no answer, no response to this statement.

The man had never ran that fast in his life, his colleagues, work mates and friends were surprised to see the man they respected fly out of the office, running faster than Ussain Bolt. The only thing on his mind was... Nothing. He absolutely lost control as if his brains had been switched off as he sprinted 8 kilometres in two hours.

The destination was his uptown apartment where he lived with his wife of three years. Everyday at 7.30 pm Jonathan would get home, step into the elevator and press the button "2" for second floor, but today was going to be a new day. He went straight to the roof, took off all his clothes, his underwear except for the baseball cap, he had been given by a good client earlier. That cap was meant to be his son's.

Jonathan sat on that wall wondering if things could have been different if he had invested his time in building his family. He thought about his mother who he has not seen in 4 years, Jonathan so wished he could fly back home to pay his late father respect after 14 years of his passing on. One question raced through his mind, "How did I get here".

He thought about the sleepless nights, working 14 hours a day, not taking leave, chasing targets, he gave his job his best shot, he was good. He gave his job his soul and it took more than that, it took is family, it took his freedom. Loosing his job could not compare to anything, Jonathan had never been this Free.

*The End*

***Please note I have not written anything in 10 years, this is the first and final draft**


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