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wisdom makes your face to shine

Updated on December 30, 2015

Many believe that they can succeed by working very hard on a particular job and even to the extent of getting extra job to add to the one they already have. Wisdom can not be overemphasized. It is very important to us, so long as we are here on earth. Wisdom is the strong steering in which the whole world is rapidly developed. It’s the anchor of the worlds growth and development. You can’t go beyond what you know in life. Every level you find yourself is as a result of the level of wisdom you have.

Robert Kiyosaki will always say “it does not take money to make money”. I agree to a large extent with that word. Wisdom is better than riches because it was through wisdom that riches came into existence.

The path of life goes upward for the wise because at all time they know what they ought to do.

A man that is wise has future. Solomon who is the richest man who has ever lived, said that it takes wisdom to build whatever you want to build in life, Do you want to build your family, you need wisdom, do you want to build your business, or ministry, you also need wisdom.

Wisdom gives you an assurance of a bright and glorious future. A foolish man is hopeless and gives up easily in life because he lacks what is needed to forge ahead. If you fail in the days of adversity, it is because your strength is small. And a wise man is strong, so wisdom is man’s strength.

Come to think of it, why do we have teachers? Just because they have wisdom in a particular subject. The wise rule over the fool, through wisdom we came to understand that the whole world was framed by the word of God. It takes great wisdom to know how things are happening in the world.

A man wrote a book and titled it “money can’t make you rich” in that book he talks about the importance of wisdom. How people have neglected the most important thing they should go for in life. But people have failed to go after wisdom instead they are busy going after what wisdom should do for them. It is like having a security in your house and you are also doing the responsibility of the security you employed.

A wise man knows how to get what he wants and the way to get things done. The more you know, the more you can do.


1) THE FEAR OF THE LORD: Wisdom comes from God. According to James, if any one lack wisdom let him ask God who gives wisdom, liberally and upbraided not and it shall be given to him. So the first step in acquiring wisdom is reverence for the Lord. The wisest man who ever lived said “The fear of the Lord is the begging of all wisdom”

When you make God the most important in your life, He begins to open you up to unimaginable wisdom and insight which have been hidden for ages. He gave Joseph the interpretation to the dream of Pharaoh. The fear of the Lord made Joseph to walk in wisdom which led him to excel in life.

2) STUDY: Study to show yourself approved. A work man needs not to be ashamed rightly deriding the words of truth. No student can pass any examination when he/she didn’t study. If you don’t read you won’t lead. It is only readers that end up being a leader. Jesus was asked a question and the first thing he replied was “Have you not read” so Jesus recommended reading.

A pastor shared a story with me, he said that, one day a student came to him to pray so that during exam, the pen in his hand will write well. And he said “Lord if he has red, let the head co-operate with the pen but if he haven’t read, disappoint him”. It is not the pen that writes the question but what is inside the head flows to the pen down to the paper. That means, one of the ways to acquire wisdom is to study.

1) MENTORSHIP: In the multitude of counselors there is safety. There are people who have gone ahead of you in life. You ought to go to them and tap into the wisdom in their life. What you know is also important as well as who you know. A mentor will impact to you the things he has learnt in life. There are things God will never tell you because he has told some body. but failure to listen to them will rob you off that blessing.

2) AILLIGENCE: Seest thou a man diligent in his work, he will stand before great men and not before ordinary people. You can’t be made unless you are mad. There is no room for laziness in greatness. If you need to walk in wisdom, you must be some one that is very diligent in his business. What you do does not really matter but how you do it that is what distinguishes two people.

In a class, one student takes the first position and the other last. One must have been diligent in his studies and the other must have been playing around. Diligence will make you study when others are playing, you are studying to know more in other to be on top. It will make you pray when others are playing because you know that it takes some spiritual power to succeed on earth.

Finally, not walking in wisdom leads to destruction. My people are destroyed due to their ignorance. Ignorance is not an excuse in the court of law. Failure to get wisdom will make you to walk in darkness and noting can be well done in the absence of light, And wisdom is that light.


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