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Witching Savannah Series by J.D. Horn

Updated on March 3, 2015

A New Witch Series

I discovered a new book series that is surprisingly good. I think a lot of readers share the same sentiment because in less than a month, thousands of readers gave it a high rating. Even some go out of their way to recommend the Witching Savannah series. And few bloggers are raving about the series because it is fresh, light, and intriguing. At first, I was doubtful about the story line because I read my fair share of books that fall short. But this one is special and will definitely soar in the bestseller list one of these days.

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The Line

The line introduces readers to Mercy Taylor, her family, and the magical world of Savannah. Born without magical powers, Mercy is living on the sidelines. But despite her insecurities and pain brought about by her family, she remains content and happy. But everything is about to change.

The Line (Witching Savannah Book 1)
The Line (Witching Savannah Book 1)

Mercy Taylor comes from a family of powerful witches. Although everything around her is enveloped in magic and most people surrounding her possesses power, she is perceived as a disappointment. She is normal in every sense of the word. She is merely an average human being without magical powers. She is the first from their family and time and time and again, her reality is slapped on her face. Foremost, Maisie her twin sister, is blessed with power that is beyond the average. People usually compare them in terms of appearance, attitude, and power. Almost always, Mercy ends up trailing behind her sister. Despite the comparison, the sisters love each other. This is the reason why Mercy has never nurtured a grudge over Maisie. Second, Ginny the matriarch of the family and one of the anchors repeatedly calls her “the disappointment.” And due to Ginny’s influence, some of the family members have called her the same way. Moreover, she is restricted from joining anything that involves magic.

Due to Mercy’s lack of magical powers, the attention of all the witches in the family is focused on her sister. While Maisie is incessantly learning and training, she is left to wait and oftentimes ignored. This is the reason why she has learned to freely indulge herself in normal things. At 20, she is content with her life as a Savannah tour guide and has earned a special friendship with Peter.

Peter is her bestfriend who happens to be in love with her. Mercy, on the other hand, has her eyes set on Jackson, Maisie’s boyfriend. Despite her attraction towards Jackson, she never acted on it out of respect and love for her sister. In her desperation, she heeded the help of Mother Jilo, a root doctor or worker of Voodoo. A series of unexpected events transpired after her visit though. Events that will reveal family secrets, betrayal of trust from people close to her, and power that has been withheld from her since her birth.


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The Source

The ending of this book is bittersweet. However, I believe it was for the best. A lot of questions and secrets have been revealed. The supporting characters have established their roles. And the storyline moved further. I can't wait for the final installment of the series.

The Source (Witching Savannah Book 2)
The Source (Witching Savannah Book 2)

Mercy is embracing a new world being a witch. She may still be living in Savannah and the confines of her home but responsibilities have been handed out to her beyond her realm. She is now one of the anchors and the matriarch of the most powerful witch family of the South. Additionally, she has to ready herself into becoming a mother since she is pregnant with her first son. Although, she is still dealing from a heartbreaking betrayal from the unlikely person, she is keeping herself intact to protect her family from unwanted forces that threaten to break their protective barrier. Surprises await Mercy as she deals with her new life. Family secrets will be revealed that will lead her to question the loyalty of the people surrounding her.


The Void

The final installment of Witching Savannah series took a major shift. I wasn’t expecting the turn of events. The ending is perfect though. I had to reread the last chapters of the book to understand why J.D. Horn chose that ending.

The Void (Witching Savannah)
The Void (Witching Savannah)

All is not well in Savannah. Evil forces are making a move again to weaken the line and rule over. The anchors are going against Mercy and old enemies resurface to cause havoc. It is up to Mercy to pacify and control the situation. More secrets will be revealed. Hearts will be shattered. And sacrifices will be made.


My Take on the Series

I love the story. The Witching Savannah series is still on the introductory phase with the first book released so far. Despite being on the preliminary stage, it has garnered a handful of readers that only have good things to say. I'm one of those readers who awaits the release of The Source. The story is unique. Countless of times I find myself anticipating incidents only to be surprised with the author's turn of events. There are still loopholes to the story though but I guess everything will be answered in the succeeding books.

I like the characters. People can easily relate with Mercy because she is normal and her personality is similar to most. However, her age is not apt with her personality. In the book she is said to be in her early 20's but her personality fits that of a teenager. The supporting characters are difficult to decipher since it would appear that they all have secrets. I do like the transition of the personalities from guiltless and safe to schemers and manipulative. At the end of the first book, there are supporting characters that may seem to be on the good side but I still remain guarded.

The world of the witches is fascinating. There is so much to tell - so many secrets that needs to be revealed. The author only features a glimpse of the powers that the witches possess and traditions that they keep. I'm certain that in the succeeding books, more will be revealed.

Savannah is wonderful. I've never been to Savannah but the descriptive narration of the area has helped me picture out the sites and scenery - cobblestone pathways, statues, pubs, cemetery, and the trees. The place is magical in its own way with its great history but added with a bit of enchantment, then it becomes a captivating wonder.

Harry Potter series versus Witching Savannah series

Both series are unique. However, but the similarities and differences can still be deciphered.

The protagonist. In the early phases of their lives, Harry does not know that he possess magical powers while Mercy is aware of her lack thereof. Both of these protagonists are normal in the sense that readers can easily relate to their personalities.

The antagonist. In the first book of the Harry Potter series, we are introduced to Voldemort as the main rival. In Witching Savannah, the enemy is yet to be revealed. There are a lot of possibilities and bits have been divulge but nothing is definite.

The magical world. Harry is not aware of the existence of the magical world up until his 13th birthday. Mercy has been living with the knowledge that magic exists within the world she is living in. In J.K. Rowling's series, the magical world is separated from the normal world. But there are doors put up in the normal world leading to the other. The witches and wizards also do not interfere with the affairs of the ordinary people. J.D. Horn's series on the other hand does not separate the two worlds; rather embodies them as 2 entities that are thriving with the help of one another. The witches take part in the every day life of normal beings even taking positions in the government and establishing businesses. But as expected, the normal people are oblivious of the existence of the power and the witches per se.

The prophecy. The protagonists are believed to be the answer to a particular prophecy. The predictions are vague and may point to anybody but the people surrounding the protagonists have their minds set on them.

Great responsibility. Fresh from acquiring knowledge over their powers, they are given responsibilities that are beyond their capabilities. However, with training and unique power, they can easily take charge.

The location. Harry Potter is set in London while Witching Savannah is in Georgia, USA. Both stories divulge that beneath the ordinary world lies magic that only few are aware of.

Who is J.D. Horn

Jack Douglas Horn is an up and coming writer. The Line (Witching Savannah, Book 1) is his first published work. As of today, thousands of readers are becoming fans of the series because of its unique content. He has other books awaiting for released in the coming months. Given the clamor over his first publication, it is expected that his other works will get positive reviews as well.

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