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A Love Story from World War 2

Updated on August 23, 2017

An Exploration of Mother Daughter Relationships Through A Romantic Love Story

Lonely Mirrors is a romantic novel which is primarily set in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. It tells the story of Jennifer Elmwood, a woman in turmoil as her personal and professional life starts to unravel. Out of the blue, she receives a letter from Margaret Evans, a woman who is claiming that she knew Jennifer's father in World War 2. The two women meet in Margaret's house in the Egyptian capital and Margaret reveals a secret about her father that dates back seventy years to a time when men and women had to deal with the impact the war was having on their lives and relationships.

The book is about a search for a place of emotional security through an exploration of the relationship between mothers and daughters. Within the account of Jennifer and Margaret's meetings more stories emerge. Pearl and Violetta, the mothers of Jennifer and Margaret, want to be given the opportunity to tell their own stories. The same way as Cairo is a jumbled up city of ancient pyramids and modern six-lane motorways, also tangled together are the memories of these four women from different generations - two mothers, two daughters - as the story unfolds, details of their lovers, days at school, deaths, their sexual awakening, childhoods and husbands all spill out. The story moves between Egypt, Wales, South Africa, France and England over the seventy year period since World War 2 and examines what happens to women at war.

Coming soon is Susannah's new novel 'Biting the Stick' a story of the trauma a support counselor experiences when she stumbles on a procedure where a little girl is having her genitals mutilated supposedly to protect her honor. In true Susannah style, she pulls no punches as she takes you through the events leading up to and following this support workers discovery of 'female genital mutilation' ...........on English soil.

Lonely Mirrors - A Wartime Affair & Its Affect on the Families Involved - Love and Jealousy Between Mothers and Daughters

Susannah Carlton deals with love and jealousy in relationships and doesn't hold back. They are deeply examined to reveal the motives behind what women in love do and she leaves very little to the imagination. There are parts that are sexually explicit and other parts that will pull at your emotions as you emphasise with the characters and begin to understand what motivates them.

This is the story of Jennifer Elmwood, a woman whose personal and professional life is falling apart

Where Else Can You Purchase Lonely Mirrors? - Alternative Book Distributors to Amazon

Lonely Mirrors is available in multiple formats. See the link list below to discover your favorite reading medium.

Author of Romantic Novels

Time Itself Can Be Distorted, yesteryear can seem more recent than yesterday for a woman in turmoil

Events which occurred many years ago seem more recent, more urgent, than something that took place last week. Time scales expand and contract - for Jennifer the five years of a recent, painfully terminated affair appear to last a few brief weeks while for Margaret the two and a half years of her relationship with Jennifer's father during world war 2 extends over decades. Real time is not real and chaos is inevitable.

The four women each have a tale to tell, in which incidents in their lives offer a distorted reflection of the others'. Jennifer, a large unhappy child who made an early marriage to escape her mother, has had a career as a doctor in England. Pearl, spoilt all her life by a father anxious to make amends to his only child, has never worked. Margaret, an army nurse during the war, hid herself and her illegitimate child away in Egypt. And Violetta, brought to South Wales by her Sicilian parents had a baby, Margaret, when she was seventeen and a bleak short-lived marriage.

Jennifer flies into Cairo on Sunday evening and leaves on Friday afternoon. Each day begins with Jennifer visiting Margaret's house. A brief, intense relationship between the two women develops, mirroring that of an actual mother daughter relationship, involving friendship, trust, deceit and finally, a degree of reconciliation. Weaving in and out are tales spinning through time and place, of death and birth, love and separation, commitment and betrayal. They are women at war as a result of world war 2 and the affect it had on the people involved.

Susannah Carlton - Romance Novelist

Susannah, pictured above, has always had a long standing passion for writing and has written plays for the theatre, radio and television. She also worked professionally as a journalist in between her early career as a teacher in the United Kingdom and Sweden and her later career as a counsellor specialising in domestic violence.

Lonely Mirrors is her first romantic novel but is highly unlikely to be her last, she writes with honesty and the narrative doesn't leave you in two minds. She tells it how it is, the explicit nature of her writing hits home and supports this story of both classic and contemporary romance seen through the eyes of mothers and daughters.

I am sure we will see many more romantic stories for women from Susannah, she has a gift for this type of narrative which is clear to see.

Lonely Mirrors - YouTube Video Trailer - A Tragic Wartime Romance

Get a feel for the book and the story by watching this YouTube video trailer.

Lonely Mirrors a Video Review

Your Chance to Comment - World War 2 Was The Catalyst and Betrayal the Consequence

This story is more about the relationships between the women that are tied together by one man and the affect his betrayal has on their lives, than the act of betrayal itself.

What did you think?

An Illicit Romance

"Margaret put her hand up to cover her mouth, to stop herself smiling. She knew he was married, his wife's name was Pearl, and he had two sons. She also knew the whole world would disapprove."

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Do you prefer new authors or existing established authors? - Are you prepared to take a chance to see if you can find a gem?

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