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Words from the Wise

Updated on December 3, 2014

Books to Money

Words from the Wise

Let’s be a bit honest with ourselves. Ever since the days of Solomon, everyone wants to be wise, and especially so financially. One wants to know what and when to invest to ease the burden of the global economic crisis. Everyone wants to live a comfortable lifestyle,, and see everyone else they love and care also be comfortable.

Well, what you need to know is that, first and foremost, wisdom is not for show. I mean, I definitely do not have all the answers, but that much I know. If your sole purpose for gaining wisdom is for show, you sure will not get the real deal.

One should first enrich their minds. Start with researching about your financial options in the market. Read the stock exchange. Know when anew opportunity comes by as soon as possible. And most importantly, learn from others’ mistakes. You have to be ready for what you suspect goes on in financial markets, and devise ways of how you would tackle it if you were invested in it. Then compare your results with what happens afterwards and check to see if your strategy would work. Then when you get the money you need to invest, go with your gut.

In the midst of all that, remember to nourish your mind with personal development books, blogs, vlogs and articles. Your mind is also a muscle in its own sense. To develop muscle and strength one must work out. To develop good intuition, your mind should be in the best of environments, feeding from various strategies.

Anyway, I personally do not think that wisdom has its big debut in your life. It shows itself in the very small things in your life. What do you spend your money on daily? How do you respond to an insulting comment by day? What character do the people you spend with have? How do you invest your time on? Do you have a plan of moving from the point you are in right now to achieve your vision? If so, are you following your plan?

So, shut down the electronics that you have, pour yourself a cup of wine, or a calabash of porridge if you are from my area, and read yourself a book. You never know what you come across. It may save your life one day. If it is not much of a bother, please drop your most favorite books in the comments below; financially helpful or otherwise. Personally, I recommend the Book of Proverbs from the Bible, and you do not have to be a Christian to apply the wise sayings from it.


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