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World without love

Updated on April 2, 2012

The end! It is the end of the world.

Sehrish woke up from the rubbles of her home. She was wondering what is happening around her. In fact no one knows how the beginning of the end started. All of a suddenly the world seems to come down crumbing. Countries who were friends turned foes. Neighbours are at war. All across there was destruction and turmoil.

Sehrish looked around saw scattered remains of her neighbourhood. She saw debris scattered all around – with no buildings or a structure standing to cut across her sight.

No one predicated that the world will come to an end so soon. Countries are at war. Cities are at war. Hatred can be seen all across the streets!

There is no love. And the world is ending.

Parents fought with the children and children were fighting with their siblings. Couples are no more couples. It is utter violence, murders and crime.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Sehrish saw her father beheading her mother, brother killing the father. And she herself killed her brother. She hated him. She hated everyone. She hated men.

She didn’t remember knowing what love was. At home no one loved anyone. Neighbours were never friends.

She straightened her torn dresses, adjusted her half burnt hair, and removed her broken bangles. She started walking. She didn’t know where she is going. She saw no men around. When she saw one, she would kill him without a thought. She kept walking! No directions!! No Thoughts!!!

Young Prashray didn’t know how long he was sleeping. But when he woke up, he saw his lady love lying in the pool of blood. Did he kill her? He couldn’t remember. What he remembered was he was running away from his village. His family was running behind him, with murderous rage in their eyes. He kept running. In between running, he killed many of his family members. If he had not killed them, they would have killed him. His girl friend too was running, running away from him! But he run faster than her, found and killed her. Yes, Prashray remembered. He killed his girl friend. He hated girls!

He kept running, jumping over the dead bodies. Was he alone in this world now! Buildings were in flames and flattened. Only debris all over! He could not find a single standing structure. No life. No Love!

Hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat
—Harry Emerson Fosdick

He kept running, not knowing which direction he is running. What he is running for? He was trying to find people. He wanted to kill. He found some people on the way... and killed them all. He did not know what killed them for. He was in deep murderous rage. He was mad! He hated everyone.

Sehrish forget the count of days she had been walking. She crossed several burnt down mosques. She crossed debris of gurdwaras, temples, church. To her, all debris looked same now. Was it church? Or a temple? Or a mosque? Or just any other building?? She was walking in unknown land. No one around! No more men to be killed. She kept walking.

It was a night. The night was full of bright light. It was full moon. Once she loved the full moon. Now she hated the sight of the full moon. The full moon looked the brightest. The reflection of moon on river was making the night look brighter.

Sehrish wanted to hide from the bright light of the moon. No place to hide! No roof in sight! In the still of the night, the sound of flowing river was very loud in Sehrish’s ears! She closed her ears!

The moon light and it reflection was blinding her eyes! She closed her eyes! She took her hands off the ears and put them in front of the eyes... She kept walking!

The world looked very quite. She removed her hands from the eyes. She opened her eyes. Her eyes stumbled upon an unscathed building! Unbelievable! Bright white building soaked in bright light of the full moon! Sehrish tried to recollect the name of the building.

And from nowhere a shadow appeared. It was Prashray! He was too held in awe by the sight of the white edifice brightly light with full moon. It the quietness of the night, the white building brightly light by the full moon looked majestic. Never in life time had he seen such a structure.

Suddenly Prashray found Sehrish starring him! For months, both hadn’t seen living human. There was disbelieve as both starred each other. The urge to kill the man standing in front of her had wane. She wished if Prashray could take her in his strong naked arms, hold her tight and kiss her! A sudden spurt of love was erupting from within her. A new lust of love was evolving within her. A strange feeling!

Prashray moved gently towards Sehrish and in a swift move, pulled her closer. He hold her tightly between him arms, kissing her gently. She clinched to him tightly, putting her arms around him wide shoulders. From over Prashray strong shoulders, Sehrish looked at the white edifice brilliantly light by full moon. She suddenly remembered the monument. It is Taj. Taj Mahal. True symbol of Love!

The night was so still and quite that one could hear stars twinkling above. Silhouette of two clinched bodies on the bank of Yamuna signalled the start of the new world order. Love!!

a calligraphy inscription on darwaza-i rauza – gateway to Taj Mahal
a calligraphy inscription on darwaza-i rauza – gateway to Taj Mahal

copyright © 2012 by Shameel


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