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Updated on June 4, 2016

Place of Peace


Write to Enjoy

I can’t remember where I read it or who wrote it, but it has been said, “do what you enjoy…and the rest will follow” which is a philosophy I so want to believe!

I’ve heard this over and over, yet like many things we know in our heart, we all too often defer to our mind, which although is considered the intelligent part of our being, the mind does not guide us like our heart (which in some cases may be a good thing). The mind tells us what to do and what not to do based on logic, our heart tells us what is right for us based on “higher love” – our spiritual connection. When we listen, really listen, be quiet, be still, we are able to connect our mind to our heart, our heart connects to the Spirit of “Divine Love” - which will always guide us to our highest good.

So, here I find myself in The Dark Night at a very big crossroads; at the intersection of trying to get back to my heart, back to Spirit and get to the place where I can/will/do write because it is what I enjoy.

To write to enjoy is the place on the other side of hurt, fear; the other side of my destiny, beyond frozen courage. It is the place where I write from the heart, write about what touches my heart, what my heart wants to discover, wants to share, the place on the path to love, living, letting go and letting God. To write from the heart is to write like other writers write about drama, romance, intrigue, adventure and mystery; it is the place beyond the desire to make money, the wish for recognition, the hope for acceptance; it the place from my heart where I write because it is what I enjoy!

And so here I find myself, In the Spirit, listening to Callings of The Dark Night of The Soul, on The Road Less Traveled, By the River Piedra, on A Path with Heart, guided by The Soul’s Code, taking notes from The Lotus Approach, seeing answers in God’s Handwriting for Being Peace because I embrace the write to enjoy.

God's Handwriting...


A piece of your mind...

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