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Write Reviews And Profit At Best Reviewer

Updated on October 8, 2010

Earn As You Write and Publish Review Top Lists

There's an exciting new article platform called which will be of great interest to those of you who write articles, and are interested in AdSense Revenue Sharing or Internet Marketing. has recently been launched by James from which is a Digg style bookmarking site. is different to, in that it is more like an review article directory, except the articles are listed as your favorite 'TOP' things or recommendations.

Anyone who enjoys writing can join and start reviewing and listing the things they enjoy or recommend. You can write and create a list of your favorite Top 10 Movies, Top 5 Books, Top 3 Restaurants, games, holidays, review anything you want and publish it in a 'top list' format, as long you adhere to adsense rules on content.

The great news is that Internet marketers who publish on are allowed to directly link back to their own sites or Google Hubpages. Affiliate marketers can even directly link to product landing pages using their affiliate links if they don't have their own review sites.

Bloggers and site owners can even add their site URLs in their profiles and these will be directly visible on their review pages, which means they can send traffic from every Top Review page they publish.

Then there is the added benefit for those who have an AdSense account, as revenue generated by traffic to your Top Reviews will be shared, which is an added bonus.

How this works is you get revenue from one ad (out of 3 on the page) 100% of the time, for each page display. Plus if you refer others to you also get one ad, 100% of the time, on all page displays of your referrals.

This is a fantastic way of earning extra revenue from your review pages and those of your referred reviewers' pages at the same time. is certainly an exciting new development for those who enjoy writing or creating lists while making some revenue at the same time, and I highly recommend you try out this new service.

Click here to learn more about Best-Reviewer


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