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Writers' and Artists' Yearbook 2014: An Indispensable Guide for Writers

Updated on January 20, 2015

Written for British Writers - Useful for All Writers

There surely must be more aspiring writers in the world than there are people looking to break in to any other profession. Millions dream of writing a bestseller and making their fortune, with probably no more than one in each million likely to achieve the level of success they crave. While this does sadly mean that successful writing will remain a perpetual pipe dream for most, it also means that every little tip, every little nuance of relevant information and every advantage that can be gleaned over the competition could prove invaluable in the long term.

I first bought the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook back in 1986. As a teenager, I already had a desperate desire to be a writer and I wanted to find out as much information about the craft as I could. My local library had no hesitation in recommending which book I should read and although I could reference their copy on the premises, it was not available to borrow. I never regretted that first purchase and I have bought the annually updated Yearbook on many occasions since.

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So what valuable information does the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook contain?

Book writers

  • Informative and inspiring articles by a wide variety of book writers, from fantasy writers to romantic writers and from travel writers to biographers.
  • Tips for writing a winning synopsis
  • Tips for deciding whether to use an agent or approach a publisher direct. Includes valuable advice on how to make first contact.
  • A comprehensive list of publishers in particularly the UK but also details of many publishers in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Includes details of the types of work in which each publisher specialises.
  • An equally detailed list of literary agents, including agents from all the English speaking countries mentioned above as well as a great many other countries from Argentina, to France, to Japan.


  • Includes tips for setting about getting poetry published. As well as giving details of publishers, the Yearbook gives details of many societies and organisations which may prove to be of benefit to aspiring poets.

Magazine, Newspaper and Feature Writers

  • Includes a wide range of specialised as well as mainstream publications and their contact details. Advice is given on submission requirements and very often details of remuneration (payment) details.

While writing in an established and traditional sense may be represented by the majority of what is featured in the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook, that is by no means all that is covered in wonderful and informative detail. Advice is given to the aspiring TV or movie scriptwriter, artists, photographers and cartoonists have their own dedicated section and - of course - the online writer is not forgotten in these modern days of Internet. E-publishing, blogging and even top tips on developing and maintaining an online profile and reputation are covered in depth.

Add to all the above the technical tips that are included for writers on legal issues such as copyright, libel and taxation and it becomes even more obvious that the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook is a must have for all who aspire to a successful future in the wide and wonderful world of writing.

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