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Paid To Write-Freelance Writers Wanted Guide

Updated on January 16, 2012

Do you love writing and are you looking for a way to start a new career? Are you one of those people who may have thought about freelance writing in the past but you've always been put off because of other commitments. Or maybe you thought that your writing wasn't up to

scratch. Well the good news is that its still not to late for you to get started,because the Internet is crying out for people who love to write like yourself,or are willing to learn.

Before I go on I think that you should know that I've written this article assuming that you are a novice online writer and that you have know idea of what type of writer you want to be or how to get started.

YES! You really can be paid to write

As I have already said before the Internet is crying out for good quality freelance writers of all types.There is a old saying that says that everybody has a least one good unwritten book inside them just bursting to come out.

You may have your brilliant but unpublished novel already written but, what I would like you to do for a moment is to put aside all of your grandiose thoughts of your novel becoming a best seller and instead think about the possibilities of what freelance writing can do for you.

What is your preferred writing style?

This is the question you must answer before you even begin to start writing.If I can use myself as an example, then I would say that my writing style is geared towards a educational or how to style of writing.Which means that I like writing short 500 to 800 word informative articles for the purpose of getting long term back links and exposure to my websites.

I would also like to add that I do not get paid for writing my articles directly but my articles are on certain revenue sharing websites such as Hubpages,Squidoo,and Bukisa.You may want to follow my example or find your own path it really does not matter because their are so many different ways for you to get paid to write

Newspapers need freelance writers

Many of your local and regional newspapers are under pressure to cover as much daily news as possible.They almost never have enough full-tine paid staff to cover all of the quirky and unusual stories that they hear about.When this problem occurs they usually hire out this work to Stringers or freelance reporters.

You will be offered a wide range of assignments, from covering your local church fete to reporting on the best marrow growing contest.You will get guidance from the editorial staff who will tell you what they want, what type of story is required, and when you get paid.

The important thing for you to remember is that if you decide to accept the assignment as a Stringer writer you will be paid by the word,line or column inch, and once you have decided on your preferred method of payment it is non negotiable.

Magazines need freelance writers

I sure that I don't need to tell you how many thousands of magazine publications there are in the world. Most of the articles that you read in these magazines are supplied by freelance writers.All you have to do once you have written your article is to make sure that you submit your work to the most suitable magazine publisher.

If you have a passion for motor cars then look out for the most popular motor car mags.I have just given you one possible example of a topic that you may want to write about, but the real truth is that the sky really is the limit if you choose to become a magazine writer.

Whenever I write an article I usually submit it to a number of article directories for publication without any changes.This is a standard way for your article to be seen and read online. Magazine publishers however are a different kettle of fish,most of them will not accept your manuscript if you tell them that it is also under consideration at other publications.

There is a way around this problem, which is to send out multiple articles or query letters to as many publishers as you can.The absolute worse thing about submitting your work for publication is the waiting to see if your articles has been accepted.By doing multiple submissions you eliminate most of the stress,worry and fiddling around.

Rejection is all a part of the ball game in this business, when this happens to you don't take it personal just keep on moving on to the next publisher on your list and remember that if you do nothing then you get nothing back.


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    • zentao01 profile image


      7 years ago

      Some great info on freelance writing. thanks for sharing !!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is a great article full of useful information for those that might be considering a career move into freelance writing, nice job...

    • Paul Profitt profile imageAUTHOR

      Paul Profitt 

      8 years ago from England

      Thanks for stopping by Happyboomernurse. As you can see. This article was written quite some time ago. I have just been to busy writing for my own blog.

      But. Hopefully in the new year.I will have time to submit some new hubs

    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 

      8 years ago from South Carolina

      Good article that's helpful for new freelance writers. Thanks for sharing.

    • Melody Lagrimas profile image

      Melody Lagrimas 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      This is very helpful, thanks.


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