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Georgia Locations to Bring Out the Writer in You

Updated on February 3, 2011


Quiet beaches where the waves crash along the shore, gently winding streams that lull one to sleep, antebellum homes where history was made and new architecture that ushers in a new era-yes, these descriptions are but a few ways that some of the assorted places in Georgia could be described.  

After all, Georgia is a vast and varied state where residents, guest and former Georgians cannot help but wax eloquent when asked about their favorite locations. Over the years, there have been many Georgia authors. This is no doubt a result of the many places across Georgia that offer a plethora of story opportunities. So, if you are looking for inspiration, be sure to include a trip to these Georgia locations:


·         Red Top Mountain State Park and Lodge- Just East of Rome is one of the most water spots in the state, Lake Allatoona at Red Top Mountain. Here, you can enjoy swimming, hiking, fishing, camping or just basking in the great outdoors. The area has been a longtime favorite for families.

·         City Market in Savannah-For regional artwork that connects the past with present, quilts that reflect the stories and talents of the area, hand-woven baskets made in the Gullah tradition, pottery and glasswork that is as beautiful as it is functional and many other pieces, this is the place. As you amble along, be sure to talk to the artist and learn their stories. Who knows? It may just bring out the writer in you!

·         If seeing rows of colorful vegetables, fruit covered trees, bushes resplendent in red and blue berries inspire you to create mouth-watering meals, then you are not alone. Georgia’s produce has encouraged cooks of every age to create recipes of their own. These recipes have been passed down-both in verbal and written form- from generation to generation. Be sure to sample some of the great Georgia foods and flavors.

·         If art brings you delight and stimulates your creativity, then spend some time in Atlanta where locations such as the High Museum of Art, the Fox Theatre, the Callanwolde Fine Art Center, or the Center for Puppetry Arts.

·         More beauty in nature can be found at Calloway Gardens. Known for stunning azaleas, dogwoods, daylilies in a myriad of colors, and lush green shrubbery, as well as its amazing golf courses, swimming and boating areas, fine dining and lavish accommodations, this is definitely a place to write home about.

 Georgia has many more amazing places that are sure to bring you pleasure and inspire your creative pursuits. You will find mysteries, beauty, history, and so much more as you travel Georgia. Who knows, you might just feel the need to write the next great Georgia novel!


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    • JanSlagell profile image

      JanSlagell 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks! Yes, Georgia is a beautiful place. If you want more pics, follow the link in the article and you will see many othere great locations in Georgia.

    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 7 years ago from UK

      Sounds enticing. I've never been to Georgia and I'd love to. I'd have liked to have seen more pictures though... Thanks for sharing.