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Writing Prompts: Creative Writing Ideas

Updated on March 25, 2012

Are you in need of writing prompts or creative writing ideas? There are days when ideas seem to flow from everywhere. The mind is flooded with overwhelming passion and enthusiasm to express all these things on a blank paper or on a computer screen. But then again there are days when nothing happens. No thoughts. No mind boggling things screaming for attention. Just dead silence.

When these things happen, I don’t force the issue. I accept that I need to be away for awhile and allow myself to bask in that silence. For sometimes in that silence, I am made to accept my emptiness and find my peace. And in that peace and stillness, I allow myself to open up and be filled once again. The sparks come back and I find my inner voice.

So there may be certain reasons why you arrived in this hub today.

  1. You are out of ideas and browsing around for topics
  2. You want to write but can’t seem to muster yourself to pick up a pen or type
  3. You feel like doing some writing exercises
  4. You just want to know what I am up to (duh!)

Whatever reasons you may have, just grab a prompt and write something today. Let’s get started!


Write anything that comes to your mind. You may begin just by writing words or phrases and if you feel like it, a paragraph. No pressure. Keep it short and sweet.

  1. Rain
  2. Joy
  3. Blanket
  4. Smile
  5. Bankrupt
  6. Miracle
  7. Pregnant
  8. Dream
  9. Headache
  10. Birthday
  11. Time
  12. Toes
  13. Itchy
  14. Vacation
  15. Playground
  16. Books
  17. Wrinkles
  18. Bones
  19. Bloody
  20. God

Now I would love to write all the one letter words I could think of right now. But I believe that is not plausible here. If you like this writing exercise, you may find this blog interesting: The One Minute Writer. This blogger added an extra challenge. As she gives off the writing prompt for the day, set your timer to one minute and write. It’s pretty cool. Try it!


Answer these questions without being too logical or practical.

  1. What if you have three arms instead of two?
  2. What would you do if a man approaches you on the street and gives you a dozen flowers?
  3. What if you were a princess stuck in the form of a frog, how would you make your prince fall in love with you?
  4. What if your goose lays golden eggs?
  5. What if you have super powers?
  6. What would you do if you were in a department store and suddenly find yourself accused of robbery?
  7. What if you find your nose growing long every time you say a lie?
  8. What if you wake up one day and see that you are a leprechaun?
  9. Would you dare walk on the streets with curlers on your hair and wearing mismatched shoes?
  10. What if ice cream comes out from a volcano instead of lava?
  11. What if you are so excited and you pee in your pants?
  12. What would you do if you discover that your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend has a secret – they keep their cut toenails as a hobby?
  13. What if you don’t brush your teeth for a week?
  14. What if everyday is your birthday?
  15. What if you have wings?
  16. What if your eyes are found at the back of your head?
  17. What if you have 50 million dollars on your bank account?
  18. What would you do if you sleepwalk?
  19. What if you are the president of your country?
  20. What if today is the last day of your life on earth?


Everyone has their own story to tell. What is yours? Here are just a few sample prompts. Feel free to write anything that comes to your mind.

  1. Your earliest memory of your childhood
  2. Your favorite room in the house
  3. The playmate that you had a crush on
  4. Your first kiss
  5. To cheat or not to cheat
  6. My most favorite teacher
  7. Why I sleep with my teddy bear
  8. An angel who saved me
  9. The father I never knew
  10. My best friend, my enemy
  11. The man and the rose
  12. Inside this box
  13. Miracles of my life
  14. Dancing in the moonlight
  15. The laundry woman
  16. The voice that I miss the most
  17. Bitten by an alligator
  18. The stranger that saved me from death
  19. Life of an estranged daughter
  20. Escape from boredom


Remember the incidents when you felt…

  1. Embarrassed
  2. Frightened
  3. Joyful
  4. Sad
  5. Surprised
  6. Ashamed
  7. Doubtful
  8. Anxious
  9. Jealous
  10. Angry
  11. Sexy
  12. Cheerful
  13. Hopeful
  14. Horrible
  15. Inspired


Look at the photos below. What comes to your mind when you see these photos? Write it down. It may be in whatever form you like - a paragraph or two, an essay or even a story.

There are many ways to stimulate and prompt your creative juices. If you are a hubber, you can read the hubs of your choice and leave a comment. Sometimes reading other people's work will inspire you to write something of your own. Or you can opt to join sites like facebook or friendster or myspace and communicate with friends.

Words and phrases can stimulate your senses. Photographs and sceneries are feast for the eyes. The sounds of life heard everywhere can perk up your ears. Your experiences and your own imagination will take you far and beyond. Keep sharing. Keep writing.

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...and there she was talking about the monkey in the zoo when out from nowhere came a big BOO! Huh?

Choose a prompt above and write something below... Enjoy writing!

By: Michelle Simtoco


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