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You are not my friend but an acquaintance

Updated on October 1, 2012

You are not my friend but an acquaintance

A friend is like a pant which gathers everything we throw at it without revealing them to outsiders. They are there not only to rejoice with us but also to comfort us when days are dark.This is why God is a friend to us all

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you are not my friend
you are not my friend

You are not my friend but an acquaintance

you are not my friend but someone i know

We go to clubs together ,dance and drink together .In those good old-days when we were still younger and carefree ,we did some naughty things together. In-fact we were so inseparable that people wondered if we were brothers. As soon as i found myself in adversity you were no-where to be found. Suddenly our friendship vanished into thin air. you never bothered nor cared any-more. you are not my friend

We were colleagues at work ,so close like Siamese twins . More than intimate that you even remembers my birthday and some of my children's birthdays too.Lying on top of my fridge is the gift you bought for me still un-opened .I could remember vividly when we had our first child, you were the first person i called to inform. I was so grateful that you left everything you were doing and rushed to my house to rejoice with my family .Suddenly i had that terrible accident ;not by my own making .You only came once ,it's been three months now i have not seen nor heard from you . My doctors were real wonderful people, they did some miracles and i started walking again. You never called ,you never visited nor asked . I wonder if you are still my friend.

I remember when i lost my first job and had used up my savings . My wife and kid must not starve ,therefore i came to you to get a loan ,just to keep the wolf away from the door . Instead of telling me point blank that you don't have or you don't want to give .Rather you updated me on all your projects and achievements so far and even had the nerves to show me your new car which set you back fifty-thousand dollars cash At any rate, all i needed was just two hundred dollars to get to an interview. As if that was not enough and to add salts to injury ,all our mutual friends have heard about my Nicodemus-like mission to borrow two hundred dollars from you. Makes me wonder if you are my friend.

We were really in love ,i can feel it , because my money was rolling in like no man's business .I embarrass you with gifts at will and bath you with money always.Besides, you had no job but was not bothered . A friend of mine recommended you for a job and as if it was an exchange of fate, soon after , i lost mine .The earth shaking love died an immediate death. Suddenly, i became an instant burden to be rid of like trash . You are not my friend.

As long as i could be able to pay you back for what- ever favor you did for me ,all is well . Then friend-ship continues but if you conclude that i could no longer be useful,to hell with friendship.I think you are just someone i know

Who is a friend then? A friend is like a pant ,it sees our shit, holds it and doesn't reveal it to outsiders.This is why God is a friend to all of us.


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A friend is like a pant it holds our shit without revealing it to any-one

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