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You Are the Best

Updated on April 19, 2017
Mc Cleann Napoles profile image

Mc has been working in accounting department as supervisor for eight years. Writing a poem is her way to express her feelings.

You are the best magician I've ever met

You are the best comedian, I've ever talked with

With your corniest joke, you could still make me smile

You are the sweetest guy I cannot even compare to sugar

I'm drowning with your craziness

I'm in love with your weirdness

Because of you, my mind is restless

I'm craving for your cheesiness

Because of your language, my nose is always bleeding

I cannot even reach the level of your intelligence

I also feel dumb because of your logic games

But my admiration keeps on growing

You are clever, you are smart

You are unique, you are one of a kind

You are so perfect in so many ways

You are the best, my one and only man


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