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You Like Divergent - Try Partials by Dan Wells

Updated on August 31, 2017

After Divergent Series, I wanted MORE!

Ok, I admit it -- I am a 30 something that loves youth dystopian fiction.

Dystopian fiction as a learned is pretty much the opposite of Utopian fiction! Pretty much in everyone, the world as we know it ends and a new world order of some kind begins. The authors of the Divergent series, Hunger Games Trilogy, and the Partials trilogy have used their incredible imaginations to bring us "new worlds".

I really enjoyed the futuristic aspect of what the world could become in Hunger Games and Divergent. In Partials, you see a little more of how it became the way it did. I like seeing the thought process on how a world might change so drastically.

I will give you a little peak into the Parials Trilogy by Dan Wells and hopefully let you know why I think you should read it.

Let's Go.....

Partials Trilogy by Dan Wells - Partials, Fragments, & Ruins

Partials - Book #1 by Dan Wells

I give this book 2 thumbs up! I started this book just as soon as I finished the Divergent trilogy and had gone to see the movie (not as good).

After reading the back cover summary, I was somewhat hesitant to start the trilogy. My hesitation stemmed only from the mention of a disease that spread and killed off the vast majority of mankind. It seemed a little too realistic or dreary for me, but after thinking about it I decided to go ahead and try it.

I was pleasantly surprised. The imagination and details that Dan Wells uses makes the book come alive, yet not be depressingly realistic. It was definitely futuristic and well thought out.

Wells intertwined the necessary parts of explanations seamlessly with the great growth of the main characters.

After finishing the book rather speedily, I was well on my way to wanting book #2 Fragments!!!!

Which one was best?

Which Dystopian Fiction was best?

Fragments & Ruins

I am now in the middle of reading Ruins - the 3rd book in the Partials Trilogy. All I can say about the 2nd and 3rd is they are just as super as the first.

I highly recommend this series! Now onto my next series...... where to begin?????

Do you like Dystopian Fiction?

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