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you stop you stare

Updated on October 16, 2010

your mind stops

you stare

though do you truly care?

i see your mind pace

subtly revealing a trace

of what you are really thinking

deep down inside

i believe

your heart is sinking

you lust for something new

out of the ordinary

out of the blue

i see pain in your eyes

when you look at me

it is something peculiar

you cannot disguise

i can tell you are hurt

how does this occur?

you reveal what you shall

you show the world

not your true self

if they knew they may scowl

do not misunderstand

these words at hand

i mean you no harm

this coy masquerade

i loathe to disarm

it's unfortunate enough

that i wished to use you

to explore the unknown

though these thoughts

i have outgrew

i will say this though

you have indefinitely left your mark

though i hate to admit it

leaves me nothing more than a harp

your disguise was intriguing

although i figured you out

you constantly left me

full of hope and doubt

i am left in shock

i feel dumbfounded

still unable to believe

my sanity slightly doubted

this is just you

through and through

nothing will change

you continue to be needed

on your unchaste, vital pursue


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