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you will never know

Updated on April 23, 2010



never will you know

yet understand

for i will never tell you

since you're merely

just a man...

even if i did

it would roll off your shoulder

for in the back of my mind

i'll know

you've heard it

all before

been there, done that

you're forever adored and you know it

you have yet to learn

i think you have already realized

i am anything like the rest

though you hardly show it

conversely i believe

to you, this is all just a game

when i am gone

you will reminisce

of our romance

then you will know

im comparison

i am anything but the same

you will learn the hard way

since i'll be long gone

before you have a chance

to confess

your intense emotion

that's too much to digest

at times i wish

i would wake up

and this surreal affinity was dispensed

but then again i come to my senses

why cause two people such anguish and grief

by ending something so melodic and sweet?


i'm lost and i'm scared

a distressing nightmare

i run

i hide

only to find

a dead end hallway

with no open doors

frantically searching

only to find

an unnerving reward

i'm losing a battle

in a senseless war

my mind, heart, & soul

are slowly morphing into

an endless black hole


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    • Challah1202 profile image

      Challah1202 8 years ago from Chandler, TX

      You can choose what you become. Sometimes you realize you have become something when you weren't looking. You can change it, but the reputation may stay. Good job.