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Updated on December 21, 2016

Sometimes we lie awake after going to bed, for hours.

Sometimes we look too long at ourselves in the mirror after just waking up.

Everyday is just a new day

When there's no motivation for ever getting up.

We like to think too hard

We like to hurt ourselves

We call it deserving pain.

We cannot see beyond ourselves

War goes on inside the body

We are destroying ourselves

and when we finally come to find ourselves, will it be enough?

To chase that dream we once created long ago

Sometimes Life is short for the unsuccessful

Sometimes all we want is sex

Sometimes we tell ourselves love will destroy us

We are full of rare moments that dissolve overtime

We hope in fear

We believe in fear

Until one day

We might let that fear push us past completeness

We don't know a lot

But we do know one thing

Anything can happen to the young soul

Our BEING is enough.


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