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Yvonne Whittal vintage Harlequin Presents

Updated on July 1, 2011


Yvonne Whittal was born and raised in South Africa, the setting of most of her romances. She started writing stories at a young age, but didn't really get serious about writing until after she married and had children. She got many rejection letters from publishers, until a friend who loved romances gave her to encouragement to continue. Yvonne Whittal wrote many books in both the Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Presents line.

I am slowly reading all the vintage harlequins and as I do, I am adding details to the descriptions in bold.

Vintage romance reviews Reviews of older Harlequins

Vintage Searchable list of all vintage Harlequins


“You won’t get away from me this time.” Rudolph’s voice was arrogant. “Because if you try running away, I’ll come after you. You’re going to marry me, Janey, and give our son a name.” Jane had to agree for the child’s sake. Perhaps, even, for her own. She had loved Rudolph desperately when they had met more than a year ago. And she loved him even more now. But she couldn’t forgive him for having promised to marry her when he had been committed to another woman. A woman he still seemed to want.


Her situation was desperate. Caroline Adams needed money; Gustav de Leeuw needed a wife. So he offered to settle her debt if she'd act as his wife. Their marriage was to be temporary. Caroline soon realized it wasn't entirely a businesslike relationship that Gustav had in mind. Yet he had told her that "love is an overrated emotion I have no time or desire for." But she was unable to resist him or to stop herself from falling in love with him. And to Caroline's growing despair, she knew his deep cynicism was unshakable.



"What kind of man are you?"

As she spoke,Caroline squirmed inwardly beneath his compelling gaze.

Gustav's hands closed on her shoulders. "I know what I want, and I'll stop at nothing to get it." he answered decisively.

"I'll feel sorry for you when you discover that money can't buy the one thing you'll want most--love!" Caroline retorted, struggling vainly to free herself.

"All I shall ever need is a woman in my bed from time to time, and women like that can always be bought."

"You're disgusting," Caroline cried. "Don't make me despise you more than I do already."

"You may despise me all you like," he laughed softly, pulling her closer. "You're beautiful when you're angry, my sweet wife, and it only makes me desire you more....."


He regarded all women as potential bedmates. And Jessica, newly arrived doctor in the Transvaal town, resolved that she would never be one of them. Her relationship with Dane Trafford would be strictly professional; she admired him as a doctor. The problem was that he insisted on seeing her as a woman. Jessica prided herself on always having firm control over her emotions, yet he swiftly pierced her armor. As never before, Jessica was made very much aware that she was a woman.They hired her without knowing she was female. Dane is a partner in the practice and a ladies man.


Why was he different from all other men? Abbey was bewildered by the attraction she felt for Hammond Scott. Until she'd met him, her life had been well-ordered. She was to marry a man who loved her and was approved of by her parents. Then suddenly that was not enough. A penniless artist had taken her to emotional heights, and all she asked was to share his future. But his appearance in her life was transitory, and she discovered belatedly the depths to which the human spirit can sink.


How could her father have made such a will? "Shall jointly inherit the entire estate on condition they are married within thirty days of my death." Kate was incredulous. She hated Rhyno van der Bijl, but by ignoring the conditions, she would lose her beloved home. "Think of it as a business arrangement, " suggested Rhyno, who also stood to lose his inheritance. It was only for a year, and Kate never dreamed she would one day wish it was forever, but when Rhyno spoke of plans that did not include her, her world fell apart.


Carl Ziegler erupted into Morgan's life and swept her off her feet with his practiced charm. Her father warned her that Carl was not the marrying kind, but Morgan chose to ignore him , obeying the counsel of her heart instead. Yet a nagging voice told her she was headed for calamity. For in spite of all her better instincts she was unable to control her reactions to Carl's persistent attempts at seduction. And if she was out of control, anything might happen! Morgan was back in her father's house because she has broken her leg. Carl is a business associate of her father's.


Six years hadn't changed anything. Susan had no desire to see Greg Delaney again. The passionate union that had claimed both of them during their wild, rebellious days had ended, and the man she had fallen in love with had become a stranger. "I don't believe in picking up the threads of the past, "she told him when, six years later, his job brought him back within her world. Even though she still loved him, stubborn pride sent her seeking protection in the arms of another man.


6 years ago Tricia’s happiness with Kyle had been cruelly shattered by a vicious lie that made him blame her for his father’s death. Tricia was honor bound not to reveal the truth, and in the years since their brief exquisite time together as lovers, she had tortured herself with the thought of what might have been. Now Kyle had come back into her life, and although the temptation to run away was strong, her love for him bid her stay—no matter what. Tricia friend of Kyle's dad.

Kyle's sister takes her father's medicine away from him and he dies. She blames Tricia. Tricia doesn't defend herself because she knows he loves his sister. Kyle didn't really trust her because of her friendship with his dad, thought she was gold digger.


"Your eyes harbor dark secrets." The truth in Rick's remark flustered Dale. When her parents were killed in a plane crash, Dale was thrust out of her lonely world at boarding school into a new life with her handsome guardian, Rick Crawford. Then she discovered the disastrous truth about her heritage. Now she dared not fall in love with Rick. He knew the humiliating circumstances of her past, and besides, he had Melissa. She possessed everything Dale longed for--beauty, confidence, a proud heritage . .. and Rick.

Dale comes to live with Rick after she graduates from a convent school. She finds a letter that leads her to think that she is the illegitimate child of a woman who was institutionalized. Rick is 16 years older than Dale and at first treats her like a child. By the time he kisses her she is ashamed of her parentage. It turns out her mother was a innocent girl who was seduced and abandoned and wasn't crazy. Dale's birth father was the husband of Rick's sister.



They walked toward the lagoon,arm in arm. "I've enjoyed your company very much." Rick said, echoing her own thoughts.

There was something electrifying between them, and Dale's mind warned her to be on her guard. "I think we'd better go inside."

She turned from him, and in her haste, tripped, but his arms cushioned her fall. Cradling her against him, he took possession of her parted lips. She responded to his sensual demand wildly, but only for a moment. His contempt that night of the storm had cut too deep, and then there was Melissa Arnell. "Let me go, Rick." she heard herself say, and he released her at once.

"You'd better go into the house," he said tersely, and with a hint of hateful mockery he added, "Take care this time that you don't trip and fall, because I shan't be there to pick you up."


Just because he’s rich and she’s not, a doctor has no right to expect a sensitive young nurse to settle for a casual affair with him—not when he already has a rich, socially acceptable fiancée.


Unless a South African construction magnate makes room in his heart for love, his wife will never feel she’s anything more to him than the daughter of the man he despises—a pawn in a deadly game of revenge!


Dissatisfied with life in Durban, a teacher becomes the governess at a tropical villa still reeling with the mystery surrounding the death of her employer’s wife.


The shock of seeing each other again shatters the composure of a divorced couple. For her, at least, love lasted longer than a moment in time, though she isn't so sure of him.

Yvonne Whittal on Amazon


A widow’s matchmaking uncle introduces her to a dynamic hotel owner who senses her reluctance to love again. But his parting words—“we’ll meet again”—sounds more like a threat than a promise.


Frances can’t understand her neighbor’s antagonism and his discouraging attitude to her new venture in farming—her lifelong ambition. Then she discovers he wants her farm so he can extend him South African game farm.


Gina's schoolgirl crush on Jarvis had long been replaced by a more mature emotion. She is woman enough now to know that her feelings are somehow being manipulated. And she can't help wondering if Jarvis is really interested in her-or just in her property.


His contemptuous eyes still haunted Alexa. Ever since that horrible night when Revil Bradstone had caught a disheveled Alexa fleeing from his brother-in-law's hotel room, he had despised her. Her plea of innocence had fallen on deaf ears. Now, three years later, she encountered Revil again. He had not forgotten her, and appeared ready to take vengeance out on Alexa's employer, Mme. Veronique, by denying her modeling agency a much-needed business contract. In desperation, Alexa went to him and promised she'd do anything if he'd only give Mme. Veronique the contract. Yet she couldn't help wondering if she would live to regret her words!


What chance did she have to renew their love? Only days before their wedding, Julia had sent Dr. Nathan Corbett from her life. She'd lived with her deed for five long years--years filled with pain and guilt. Now suddenly he was back, and Julia still couldn't tell him the truth behind her rejection. It was tearing her apart. But then, why should she let it? For the handsome Dr. Corbett had a new woman in his life--the beautiful, possessive Marcia. And she made it clear that Nathan was now her property.


For Sarah, there seemed to be no easy answers. The misery of a bad marriage and her resolve to avoid future complications had led Sarah Courtney to throw herself single-mindedly into work. When she had to follow the doctor's advice to relax on a holiday, she certainly hadn't expected the attractive Dr. Anton de Ville to turn up at the resort, too. And Sarah resented it. Anton's presence forced her to examine her life-style and question her desire never to get involved. Anton made it clear that he wanted her--but Sarah wondered if she dare love again....


It is an impossible decision to make. If Jo wants to save her brother and the family business, she must agree to marry Rafe Anderson—and bear his child. Not that he is a total stranger—he’s the husband she parted from 3 years ago in bitterness and anguish.


Kerry had earned a stunning reputation as a photgrapher and it was no wonder that Max Harper wanted her--in a professional capacity, of course. Kerry was the best--she was brilliant at capturing everything that was unique and rare in her surrounding. But that was all Max would let her capture--no matter how intense the attraction, he had no intention of inviting her into his busy,nomadie life on a permanent basis!

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      6 years ago

      I see Yvonne Whittal is your Nana I just love her books and am battling to get them

      can only get them from Amazon quite costly, you young ones know all modern technology, do you suggest an IPad with kindle attached, think this is the way to go,

      I see your Nana is Yvonne Whittal I so love her books,battle to obtain, a young relative suggested an IPad attached to kindle, you young ones are all up on this

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi Yvonne Whittal is my Nanna ( my moms mom), I am busy ready all of her books (I am very lucky to have all her books in my home), I am really enjoying reading her novels.


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