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Yvonne Whittal vintage Harlequin Romances

Updated on July 1, 2011


Yvonne Whittal was born and raised in South Africa, the setting of most of her romances. She started writing stories at a young age, but didn't really get serious about writing until after she married and had children. She got many rejection letters from publishers, until a friend who loved romances gave her to encouragement to continue. Yvonne Whittal wrote many books in both the Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Presents line.

I am slowly reading all the vintage harlequins and as I do, I am adding details to the descriptions in bold.

Vintage romance reviews Reviews of older Harlequins

Vintage Searchable list of all vintage Harlequins



Jacqueline Thornton was going to have a lot to live up to: first, working at the Bernard Thornton Memorial Hospital at Barryvale and ,second, known to everyone as the daughter of her famous father. But the biggest challenge of all was the new chief, the forbidding Meldon Powers.



The brilliant surgeon, Paul de Meillon, had saved Catherine from spending her life as a cripple; when he also fell in love with her and married her, she was sure life had nothing more to offer. But Paul would not believe that she felt more than just gratitude to him. Could she convince him of her very real love or was their marriage headed for disaster?



Vicky had only herself to blame. Agreeing so hastily to the proposal by Conrad de Jungh for a marriage of convenience was, in retrospect, foolish. Yet, what else could she have done? Only when she reached her new home on the remote South African veldt did Vicky fully realize the extent of her attraction to this tall, dominating stranger. Now he was her husband. And she was obliged to hide her growing love!

Set in South Africa. Vicky meets Conrad at a friend's house. The next day her brother gets arrested for embezzling funds from his employer. He lost the money gambling. Vicky pours out her worries to Conrad on their first date and he suggests that he repay the money so the charges will be dropped and her brother will work on his farm to pay the debt. The price for Conrad doing this is that Vicky marry him and go to live on his farm, Duiwelspoort, which means Devil's Gateway.



"I'll be perfectly frank with you, Kim." Ursula said with calm deliberation. "Why don't you give up? Go back where you came from and leave Adam alone. Can't you see he desperately wants his freedom?" Kim stared at Ursula in stunned silence, then felt anger rising. Ursula wanted her to go, for that would leave the field clear for her. Well, Kim decided, if Adam wants his freedom, he can say so. She wasn't going to run off like a scared rabbit!

Kim meets Adam when she saves him from blundering over a sea cliff. He is recently blind and walking alone. Adam is a scientist blinded in an lab accident and he soon marries Kim. She is his wife and caretaker. Ursula is a scientist also, she tells Kim that their marriage won't work because Kim can't talk to him about science.


It was a simple lie but he doubted her Tessa stared at Matthew's unrelenting face. "It alters everything." he exclaimed furiously. "Everything between us has been destroyed by your deliberate deceit." She had known he'd be angry but surely if he truly loved her the problem would not have been insurmountable. Didn't he know how much she dreaded the life he was sending her back to?



"You can't deny you enjoy my company!" Brett challenged. Samantha wouldn't admit it. Perhaps she was starry-eyed about Clive; though her father disliked him, she was sure he was the only man in the world for her. Brett Carrington had no right to criticize her or Clive-much less try to tell her she should marry him instead! It never occurred to Samantha that Brett might be right. Nor did she realize just how far he was prepared to pursue his campaign.


She was a fool for loving him Helen met Simon Savage when she went to Brock Castle as governess to his young daughter. She quickly learned what everyone in the village had said was true. The famous South African playwright was a harsh, embittered man. "Marriage is a battlefield," he sneered, -where a man has to pit his wits against the devious tactics women employ!" Simon had built a shield around his heart. How could she possibly get through to it?



Her peace of mind was wholly shattered Olivia Logan had used an unexpected legacy from her aunt to set up a book and stationery store in the bushveld country of 'northern Transvaal -- something she'd long looked forward to. She was leaving behind the bustle and loneliness of Johannesburg. She hoped that her life in the small town of Louisville would be quieter and more friendly. And so it was -- until she found herself involved with the overwhelming Bernard King.

Bernard is a single father whose daughter likes Olivia very much. Bernard and Olivia get off on the wrong foot because he thinks she encouraged his daughter, Frances, to leave school grounds to visit her store. Bernard has a bushy beard that Olivia does not like. And as soon as she tells his sister she doesn't like it, the next time she sees him it is gone. There is a pushy neighbor who doesn't like Olivia.


It should have been a dream come true But Joanne Webster's marriage to the eminent Dr. Daniel Grant was to be for mutual convenience. "Love doesn't enter into our agreement," he had informed her coolly. "It is a fabricated emotion I have no time for. What I'm offering will be purely and simply a business arrangement to last no longer than a year." Joanne had worked well with Dr. Grant as a nurse. But could she accept their loveless marriage without being hurt?


“There is one way—you must marry me.” Melanie could hardly believe she’d heard Jason Kerr correctly. Her father’s death had left Melanie and her grandmother without much money, but they had hoped to manage. Then Melanie learned of the outstanding loan from Jason Kerr. Now, to regain his money, he proposed to sell the collateral Melanie’s father had given him—their beloved family home. Melanie knew the shock would kill her grandmother, but to agree to Jason’s proposition seemed unthinkable. Was there another way?



The past would not let her love again. Anna Lindsay left Johannesburg for Durban, hoping to forget her one-sided love affair. Never again would she make a fool of herself over a man. Her disillusionment made her reject the advances of handsome Scott Beresford, owner of the hotel where Anna worked. But he was undaunted. And to her surprise, Scott's lovemaking made her forget everything except the magic of his embraces. Surely it was just sheer sexual attraction ... ?Scott sweeps her off her feet and they quickly marry.


Fear kept her from starting a new life. At home, Lisa would never forget the tragic consequences of her accident--a scar and the loss of her fiance. A job on a distant Karoo farm offered a solution. Unfortunately, the job meant working for the devastating Adam Vandeleur. He was an impossible man to please. So when Lisa heard his mother say, "You need a wife, Adam, someone like Lisa," she didn't know whether to laugh--or to run!


"Can you think of a better solution?" Laura's mind searched frantically for alternatives. She simply could not marry this cold cynical man. But her newly orphaned niece, Sally, needed both Anton DeVere and her for a stable home life. Laura stared at Anton in helpless confusion and finally replied hoarsely, "No--" Totally immersed in her own feelings, she flinched in surprise at Anton's harsh reaction. "Do you think I want this marriage any more than you do?"

Laura's sister was married to a friend of Anton, they are murdered. Anton is Sally's legal guardian but Sally is very attached to Laura. For the little girl's sake, her doctor suggests that Anton and Laura marry.



He'd shattered every one of her defenses. Even at their first meeting, Roxana had feared Marcus Fleming. But she had fallen in love with him anyway -- a dynamic man whose life-style would be severely hampered by her blindness."I won't hurt you, Roxy," Marcus had said. "Before that happens, I'll get out of your life--if that's what you want." Roxy knew in her heart it wasn't what she wanted, far from it. But for Marcus's sake it had to be.

Roxy runs into Marcus outside her dad's office. He is one of the few people she had met who don't treat her differently because she is blind. Roxie has a job helping newly blinded people adjust to their new life. Roxie always wears sunglasses but Marcus keeps taking them off. Roxie was blinded by a grenade thrown at the family car, the explosion also killed her mom. She and Marcus start to date and he asks her to marry him. But she thinks she will be a burden so she refuses.

Later, due to a slight accident, the shrapnel in her head moves and it is now possible that her sight might be restored. But the operation is very dangerous. A neighbor interferes in the relationship between Marcus and Roxie. He thinks she stood him up, eventually she goes to see him and finds him with another woman in his apartment. He very coldly sends her away. She is so upset that she insists on the operation. The first thing she says when she wakes up what that she had hoped the operation would kill her. But the operation worked and her sight starts to come back. While still in the hospital, Marcus tries to visit and she gets hysterical. Roxie develops amnesia back to just before she met Marcus.



Surely love couldn't stem from animosity. Jennifer had to get away from Cape Town. It had been six months since her fiance's death, and the very streets held memories ....Rather than quit nursing, she accepted a private position in the country. Her elderly patient proved delightful-the woman's son an entirely different matter. Hunter Maynard rubbed Jennifer the wrong way from the first day. She just couldn't get along with him--even though he was attractive and undeniably compelling!

Yvonne Whittal on Amazon


She never got over her crush on Grant. Liz had become a successful author, Grant a famous surgeon, in the years since she had worshiped him and he had called her "the horror." Now, his career ruined by an accident, deserted by his fiancee, Liz's handsome former neighbor was returning home. Passion grew as Liz helped Grant recover his zest for life. And when he proposed, even though he told her she'd never have his love, Liz accepted.



He had the strangest effect on her. Loren desperately wanted to impress Steve Beaumont, but she wasn't making a very good job of it. First she nearly lost his South African engineering company a two-million-dollar contract; then she spilled hot coffee on him. And things just went downhill from there. Calm, efficient, capable she had always been. What was it about this man that turned her into a walking disaster area?

Loren had moved away from family farm, her mom is a persistent matchmaker. She moves to Johanesberg to work for Beaumont Engineering. She first sees Steve in a restaurant, but they actually meet when they collide in a hallway and papers go flying .Some of his papers end up with hers and she has to run to the airport to give them back. She later spills coffee on him and it goes from there.



Nothing was the way she had imagined it! Excitement filled Sarika on the flight home to Bombay. Working in her father's firm, now that she had her degree in architecture, would earn his respect, if not his affection. To find her parents away on a cruise and the overbearing, judgmental new architect Sean O'Connor in charge was crushing. He made her feel like an uninvited guest in her own home. Then when tragedy struck, further intertwining their lives, Sarika began to wonder how she was ever going to get along without him...


Maura was determined to strike out on her own. Her decision to teach school enraged Clayton, her stepbrother, and the administrator of the family's considerable wealth. 10 years older than Maura, Clayton had always shared an affectionate relationship with her. He'd respected her intelligence and recognized her independent spirit. But now his affection was eclipsed by fury, and Maura was at a loss to understand why. One thing was becoming increasingly obvious. His feelings went beyond brotherly protectiveness and affection.

Maura has been raised from birth by Clayton's mother. Her mom died in childbirth and his mother was an old friend, later his mother married her father. The 2 fathers had been business partners, now Maura and Clayton own the business and Clayton had wanted her to help him in the work.

Yvonne Whittal on Amazon


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