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Zainab's poetry

Updated on February 13, 2016

Waiting for You

During the rainy season,under the tree,

I was sitting on the stone near the sea.

With opened hair and glittering eye,

I looked at the moon,up high in the sky.

Just then the tear flowed down my cheek,

Aah!my life has become a damn freak.

I closed my eyes n saw u,

I wanted to say I want to hear something from u.

But I realized…

During the rainy season,under the tree,

Iwas sitting on the stone near the sea.

Just then a cold breeze blewed,

I smiled and turned back,thought It would b u..

But Alas!

Green bushes and tall trees were all that I cud see,

Days and night I kept waiting for Thee…

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Listening to my heart

Got so much to say,but don't know where to start,

Suddenly I heard a sound,was it from my heart.

Baffled in my mind,wondering which way to go,

I grapped my thoughts.

And in quietness i looked inside my heart,

I saw an over-comer,

It seems so overwhelming,

was it really me?or someone i don't want to be.

Trying to listen to my heart,

I realized I was lost away so far.

Trapped in the rules of this world,

I forgot living for thyself,

my heart was pleading and screaming these words to myself.

I listened to my heart,

and i know there are many things to be changed,

life goes on and there is nobody to be blamed.

Yes! in the quietness of my mind,

I was listening to my heart,

a heart that was meant to be healed,

and i was trying to be me.

Rebuilding myself from foundations,

I am breaking free from my restraints.

Now,by listening to my heart,

Do you wonder where I might be?

I'll tell you now,just this once That finally I am Free....

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The Most Wanted Halloween

Just look at that scary house

And those quarrelling cat and mouse,

The bats are flying over those gusty tree

And the moon is like a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy sea,

Witches are flying in the air

And there is a blood river flowing near,

And by looking at this scene anyone can get scared,

that house is alone in an open land

and there is not even a single lamp,

cracked windows are falling down

and those curtains looks like witches gown,

three pumpkins are sitting outside the gate

and are saying its getting too late...

some skeletons are partying there

and are singing who cares,

one headless gardener is cleaning the garden

even mummies are also dancing,

some Cromwell’s are chanting in front of their magical pot

and are drinking red blooded soup..which is too.. Hot,

suddenly there is lighting in the clouds

and they all became happy and shouted aloud,

As witches queen is landing down on the land

And Halloween candies are in her both hands,

this Halloween party was too..long

and those Cromwell’s are still singing their song,

The Halloween was in the echoing night

Which was there in the hiding moon's light..

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Miles away from these burdens

I am looking out,out from my windows curtains,

Today I am dreaming, dreaming like a bird.

And I feel like flying uphigh in the sky.

The sky in which the red hot sun is drowning

Drowning in the bluish red clouds

Which look like an ocean.

This chirping of birds has hypnotized me,

And I feel like I am floating on the peaceful sea…

Miles away from these burdens,

I am looking out ,out from my windows curtains,

I want to be like those birds, who are flying,

By leaving their tensions far behind,

I wanted to run away from this fake world.

And by taking a sip of hot coffee..

I ZAINAB RASOOL dreaming, dreaming like a bird,

And I feels like flying up high in the sky..

Soon after an hour moon will come up with a bright shine,

And will fill pleasant songs in my whole mind..

Today I am dreaming,dreaming like a bird…..

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I didn't remember the day we met,

But you are the one whom I’ll never ever forget.

You turned my life in such an angle,

By being my life's angel.

I like you the way you are,

And you are my lucky star.

Without you I have never seen the light of day,

And I can name many people who feel the same way.

And when you are with me,

This world seems to be alright,

Oh! God only knows how you became my LIFE.

No matter what inside or out,

our friendship is unbreakable and there is no doubt.

My dear friend,

I will always be there by your side,

My breaths are your,

And that’s not a lie.

Thus I pray to God,each day my friend,

so that you will stay with me till the very END......

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Your Dreams Are Mine

If dreams are meant for when I am asleep,

Don’ t wake me up from heaven so deep.

I had a dream, a dream not mine,

with spooky thoughts and smothering mind.

Overwhelmed by my dream, Is it true?

trapped in the web of dream, with no clue.

I found my dreams bridging up with your's,

Departing from this world far below.

Sometimes its very hard to believe,

Whether its real or something i perceive.

Beneath my thoughts, I feel your pain, a Pain to be healed,

But in vain.

So, as i walk through this world in a dim twilight,

Closing my eyes, And i realized,

I was some where in the glimpse of paradise.

Yeah! ! !

I was dreaming a dream for you,

If dreams were meant to become true.

Because, now i tie your dreams to mine,

see how high together we climb.

Leaving the whole world behind, I make YOUR DREAMS MINE..

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One sparkling tear on my eyelash,
I hope that someone will come and wipe that,
I know that life is a test,
We all should live it and give our best,
But sometimes it hurts me so much
That i want to cry,
So, what if i failed in life's test,
I must Try,
life has both seasons good and bad,
And when friends are with me
Then why to be Sad,
As they teaches us the best way to survive.
Thus i thank God for making my life so wonderful,
By giving me friends who are great and joyful..


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