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Zombie Fallout: Buy This Book

Updated on May 8, 2014

Are you looking for a scary Halloween novel that is also funny and entertaining?

Zombie Fallout will creep you out and make you laugh at the same time. You couldn't ask for more.

Zombie Fallout is the journal of Mike Talbot, ex-Marine, intrepid hero, human resources guru, survivalist nut, husband, and father. It is written in the first days and months of the zombie apocalypse.

Follow Talbot as he kills his first zombie and deals with the disintegration of society following a world wide zombie outbreak brought on by tainted H1N1 vaccine. Watch him protect his family and friends, bicker lovingly with his wife, and do his best to make it through the next minute and keep going through sadness, disgust, heartbreak, and insane moments.

I loved reading Zombie Fallout so much that I purchased the second e-book before I was done with the first one. I eventually ended up buying all seven books in the series. I could hardly read them fast enough!

The author, Mark Tufo, is a great storyteller. The characters were believable and I could relate to them as real people. I cared about what they were going through and I wanted to know what happened next, and how they made it through the next challenge.

Whether it was saving the "special kid" Walmart greeter, going back for his English bulldog Henry, or his very honest recount of how he almost ruined his marriage in the pre-Apocalypse, Talbot moves through life with his own style and purpose. He is funny, intelligent, and completely devoted to his family (including Henry). It is hard not to cheer him on.

One Important Disclaimer

Mark Tufo self published this book, seemingly without the help of an editor. To say there are some grammatical and spelling issues would be a vast understatement. If you can't get past that, then this book probably isn't for you. If you can look beyond that you will enjoy this gem of a zombie novel.

This series was originally published as e-books but they are also now available in paperback.

Follow Mike Talbot and his family on their long journey across country to find safety, family members, and answers. Enjoy the whole Zombie Fallout series: Volumes 1 - 6, plus a prequel!

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      PriyabrataSingh 4 years ago

      Wow it is very interesting to read these books.I will read it.