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Beautiful Baby Mobiles

Updated on October 24, 2016

Find the Perfect Mobile

I remember when I discovered I was pregnant for the first time. It was a very exciting time in my life and I devoured every bit of information I could on the subject. As a mother, part of awaiting your bundle of joy is planning his or her bedroom space. We all want a magical place for our little prince or princess. These days it is easier as we are able to find out what the sex of our baby will be long before they make their appearance. This can help in planning your baby's bedroom.

One of the "must haves" in every baby's room would have to be a mobile. In my day all that was available were bright mobiles made of plastic and although they did the job, they weren't always practical,attractive or long lasting. I have discovered these days that mobiles can be beautiful and very unique-some of them being able to be used long after your little angel is beyond baby years. These hand made mobiles will add beauty and an element of fantasy to your child's room. Even better, they can be custom made for you in colours of your choice and design.

Lullaby Mobiles

I have discovered a store on Etsy called Lullaby Mobiles and the creations are beautiful, unique and quite varied. This store specializes in home decor mobiles and gift accessories. These products are made from a number of materials such as felt, silk flowers, beads and more. The products are not just limited to babies - there are mobiles that older children would love, for both boys and girl's rooms.

Other interesting items for sale are magnets, Christmas stockings, cushions, hair clips for little girls and iphone pouches. These products are one of a kind as each is individually hand made and carefully packaged on delivery.

Lullaby Mobiles is continually producing new and different products and some are even a once-off item making them totally original and unique. Wall hangings can be made with your own children's names -the sky is the limit with these cute little animal hangings.

Bird and Blossom Mobile
Bird and Blossom Mobile | Source

Every child loves a room that has personality or a little magic stamped on it. With these mobiles and wall hangings, achieving a room with character and an element of fantasy is both affordable and achievable. It allows you to keep a blank canvas and to update your room as they age, without losing that pop of colour or the theme you may want to introduce into their rooms.

Lullaby Mobiles is open to custom designed orders and the owner Nicola is more than willing to try her hand at creating what you need. Prices range from a few dollars to items that are more dear, but each item is made with love and care.

Nicola says this of her work:

"Each item I make I strive to make unique in every way. I love making custom orders and coming up with new ideas. I especially love seeing how much people love the end product."

I really enjoy the idea of mums being creative from their homes and stepping out to share that creativity with others. Please note that I am receiving no compensation or monetary gain from Lullaby Mobiles by reviewing these products - I am simply giving others the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful and unique creations. To view Nicola's latest items go to Etsy or on Facebook at

A variety of beautiful products
A variety of beautiful products | Source


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