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Benefit of curved shower rods

Updated on March 16, 2011

More space - less irritation

DonĀ“t you just hate it, when the shower curtain make a move and reach for your wet body? It kind of start living and searching inwards for you. I can be really irritated when that happens. Also the curtain gets soap and shampoo on it and the mold can start to grow faster.

So - here is the solution. Make the shower bigger and avoid that moving curtain. A bent shower curtain is making everything easy for us. You can shower in peace and the extra space is wonderful when you move around and wash yourself.

Install a curved shower rod

You and showering

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Double curved shower rod

Zenith Prod. 35602SS Double Curved Adjustable Shower Rod
Zenith Prod. 35602SS Double Curved Adjustable Shower Rod

72'' double curved adjustable shower rod. Chrome finish. All the benefits of the curved rod and double rod combined. Solid, all metal construction, rust resistant, fits all standard bathtub enclosures. Increases showering space, second rod can be used for hand towels or to separate the shower liner and decorative curtain.



There are so many different shower curtain types. One is resistin mould and that is really smart to buy. At the bottom of the curtain, when the soap has been running down on the inside, is often a gray string of mold. That mold is not good for your health. You must wash the curtain often and use bleach or ammoniac.

I used to buy more than one curtain so I could wash one and hang it outdoors to dry. The fun is that the bathroom gets a new look now and then!


InterDesign 35620 Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain - Standard, 72" x 72", Black
InterDesign 35620 Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain - Standard, 72" x 72", Black

100-percent polyester; generously sized at 72 by 72 inches



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      Christine Mulberry 7 years ago

      These are great. I see them in hotels all of the time and I love the way they work.