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Bugs That are Good For Your Garden

Updated on June 17, 2009

Bugs can get your roses back to blooming!

It's the gardener's worst nightmare: upon watering the roses, at a closer glance, a series of aphids are noticed on the tender rose buds depriving them of vital lymph and possibly not allowing them to bloom as they are supposed to. Enraged, for not being able to appreciate the anticipated blooms, it comes as an instinct therefore, to want to head out to the closest garden center and purchase the most effective chemical spray that will kill them all. Yet, not all gardeners are aware of the fact that there is a better option out there. The ultimate solution is a ''green ',' safe solution that will not involve any chemicals at all, and it will actually effectively take long term care of the roses while entertaining children and entire families. What are these special miracle products? Lady Bugs!

Indeed, there are actually several bugs that can help you garden flourish and get back to its healthy state. The great thing is that once the bugs are purchased they usually will stick around for quite sometime, effectively restoring the garden and freeing it from unwanted pests.

As more and more gardeners seek chemical free pesticides that will not harm pets, the soil and the environment in general, the use of bugs has become quite a popular method of preserving the beauty of a garden. Following are lists of the most beneficial bugs that you may want to stick around in your neck of the woods.

-Hippodamia Convergens

Better known as ladybugs, these red cute black dotted creatures surely will improve the status of you aphid infested roses. The best part is that if you adopt a few of them they will multiply leaving behind a while new generation that will take care of any residual aphid residents for good.

Simply thinking of the fact that each ladybug is able to gulp down an average of 50 aphids should be enough to understand how potent these cute bugs can be. Ladybugs will also effectively take care of combating against other annoying bugs such as mealy bugs, boil worms, leaf hoppers, and corn ear worms.

Because ladybugs tend to not fly in the night, they use the nigh time hours strictly for dining on the aphids. Therefore, it is best if they are released at dusk, right at the roots of the aphid infested plants. By morning, they will have climbed most of the plants and enjoyed a nice all you can eat buffet.

-Mantis Religiosa

Better known as praying mantis, this type of insect is known for the position it assumes when hunting and for its carnivorous habits. Praying Mantis will take care of a wide variety of annoying bugs such as beetles, caterpillars, grubs, aphids, grass-hoppers and much more. Because they do not fly they will focus on your yard and stay there as long as there is something to munch on.

Because Praying Mantis hatch from eggs as small scaled adult praying mantis, rather than larvae, children are fascinating watching them hatch and move about. Cases of eggs can be purchased so to have a good amount of babies to take take care of the yard and protect your fruits, veggies and flowers.

-Beneficial Nematodes

While the name ''nematode'' is often associated with a parasite that infests dogs and cats, in this case, this type of microscopic insect is a good friend to your yard. It will effectively take care of various bugs (around 230 varieties!) such as cutworms, armyworms, rootworms, weevils, grubs, fungus gnat larvae, and much more.

While these insects are not visible by the naked eye, results are most likely ''visible'' when the number of annoying insects will have diminished. The beneficial nematodes are well compatible with other bugs such as praying mantis and lady bugs.

The above are insects you definetly want to see in your yard to help it fluorish in a natural way, without relying on the use of chemicals. The great thing is that children are often fascinated by bugs and they will join in the fun as they watch praying matis hatch or cute luck wishing lady bugs fly form flower to flower.


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    • Evergreen Spaces profile image

      Evergreen Spaces 8 years ago from

      Everyone likes Ladybugs. ("-")

    • alexadry profile image

      Adrienne Janet Farricelli 8 years ago from USA

      Gypsy Willow, I was bored and inspired by your question, so I just created a hub about this:

      Hope it helps!

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 8 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Great hub. Any idea how to keep snails at bay. We are over run with them (no poison thanks!)