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Elegant and Affordable Antique Reproduction Furniture

Updated on August 14, 2013

Chesterfield Sofa

Elegant and Comfy
Elegant and Comfy

Antique Reproduction Furniture

We all sit down once in a while, to take a break, relax, to chat with friends or to do a job. What you sit on can make a difference in the conversation, the feel and comfort level and can work as a decoration as well. Antiques and antique reproduction furniture are elegant and comfortable, so is it time to give up that old sofa and take a look at a fine selection of Chesterfield sofas? These are the masters in elegance and design and are also comfortable to sit on and they are great conversation pieces alone, to admire. and to take centre stage in any situation.

The design of Chesterfield sofas are very sophisticated and are designed in most earth tones along with some models in red; these leather couches exude class. You will feel like a movie star just by sitting on one of these fine couches. While most of them have a lower back than most couches you would find, they make up for it when you sit on them as the firm leather design is very comfortable .

Originally the Chesterfield sofas were designed as a deep button couch, with the back at the same level as the arms. They are generally made with a fine leather and were first made specifically for royalty and the high aristocracy during the 18th century. Founded by the Earl of Chesterfield and passed down through the generations these couches are still a trend to this day. Typically found in elite colleges and educational facilities, government buildings and offices and estates of great wealth and status.

Just because history has these couches for the wealthy and the status rich doesn't mean you can't partake in the luxury of one of these fine items. They will draw the attention of your friends and family and give a great look to any office room setting. Set your room design with one of the many Chesterfield sofas as the main piece and your bookshelves, desk and other office furniture to compliment it.

You don't even have to spend a lot of money on a genuine antique or real Chesterfield as there are many reproductions that are just as attractive and comfortable and much more easily affordable.

Antique reproduction furniture is an area that is growing quickly in popularity, as a way to find elegance and sophistication without breaking the bank.

Whether you want to show it off to friends and family or have that experience all to yourself, you won't be disappointed in the feel, look and quality of these fine sofas. You find them in popular designs in black leather, red leather and classic brown leather. They come in multiple colours besides these, and now in contemporary styles too.

Sofas are of course not the only examples of antique reproduction furniture to add distinction to your home, but it's a great place to start!!

Stylish reproduction office bureau
Stylish reproduction office bureau | Source

Antique v Reproduction

Antique furniture has a classic, timeless beauty that lasts for years and can be passed down through family for generations. Unfortunately, fine antique pieces of furniture are not always readily available or affordable. Many antiques are worn and damaged by time and not suitable for everyday use. The solution to this is reproduction antiques: These affordable reproductions can be found at many fine outlets, on display at furniture showrooms and of course online .

Many reproduction furniture outlets are able to supply their customers with just about any style or design imaginable. They often carry a wide assortment of astonishingly beautiful furniture reproductions available to be purchased straight away. They also will custom design individual pieces to the customer's specifications as well.

You generally should choose a furniture company that has several years of experience in reproduction antiques, as well as experience in restoring antique furniture. There are many companies that can offer antique furniture for any room in your house, whether it is a leather and mahogany chair set for the den, or an ornately carved side table for the dining room. There are many available options when it comes to reproduction antique furniture for your home.


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