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Induction Cooktop

Updated on September 27, 2012
Burton Induction Cooktop, Athena 6000
Burton Induction Cooktop, Athena 6000

Product features and description

Induction cooking works electromagnetically and so there is no open flame. Heat is generated in the cookware that comes in contact with it. Food is cooked to perfection and cook top stays cool. There is 9 temperature settings, 10 power levels and a 150 minutes timer.

The product comes with:

  • Ceramic top with a sturdy plastic housing
  • Instant power change ( push button system)
  • Power levels 1-10 with 9 temperature settings from 150 F to 390 F.
  • Settings to keep warm
  • Programmable 150 minute timer with alarm and auto shutoff.
  • Perfect for homes with children

How induction cooktop works

Different models of Induction cooktop

Another Induction cooktop is the Max Burton 6000 induction cooktop which comes with free super saving shipping scheme. The product can also be obtained gift wrapped.In this model you can set the timer function to duration of cooking.

You can also look into Fagor Portable induction cooktop. The product comes with free super saving shipping. In addition the product has 1 year warranty and child safety lock. It has feature to turnoff automatically when left 'ON' for a certain period of time.

You can also set your choice to Sunpentown SR - 1881S 1200 -Watt Countertop Induction cooktop Silver. The product comes with free super saver shipping. This model provides best cooktop performance regarding safety and efficiency. If the cooking pot is accidentally removed from cook top no heat is produced.

There are various type of models of Induction cooktop. One can easily choose their model as per requirement and also budget permits as this type of cookware is both energy efficient and time saver.

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