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Oak Buggy, Wagon, Buckboard Bench Seat

Updated on June 24, 2015

Buggy and Wagon Bench Seat

Amish Made Buggy and Bench Seat
Amish Made Buggy and Bench Seat
Amish made wagon seat
Amish made wagon seat
Authentic Amish buggy blanket available at Cottage Craft Works
Authentic Amish buggy blanket available at Cottage Craft Works

Oak Buckboard Bench

Oak Buckboard Bench

American Made for only $289.00

Our Solid Oak Buckboard Bench with black metal hardware is replicated from a traditional Buckboard wagon seat. The bench measures 42”W 22” T and it comes in finished oak as pictured or in cherry.

Our Amish Handcrafted Solid Oak Buckboard Bench with black metal hardware is still available for $310. Or you can purchase a complete hardware kit with plans for $69.

If you are looking for a seat to use for outdoors, may we suggest Our Authentic Wagon Seat, it comes ready to go on a working wagon with the authentic leaf springs.Priced at $279 It comes in unfinished popular wood that can be stained or painted

The Buckboard wagon began as a simple four-wheeled open wagon with the seat or seats attached to a flexible board running between the front and rear axles. It is believed the Buckboard wagon was developed in 1841, by Horace and James Buck in their carriage shop in Portland however, some believe the concept may have been developed by the Bucks in South Carolina where they did most of their business.

The Leaf spring concept used on a vehicle dates back to the Romans when they built a two-wheeled vehicle and suspended it on two elastic wooden poles. The French during the 18th century were the first to use steel spring put on a vehicle. It was simply single flat plate installed on carriages.

The leaf spring was invented by Obadiah Elliot of London in 1804. He stacked two steel plates together and riveted the ends and shackled each end to a carriage. It is unclear when the leaf spring actually transitioned to the wagon seat for suspension of the rider. The Buck Board was developed to be an all around work wagon to transport families into town and to pick up supplies, as well has use on the farm and ranch to haul tools, and supplies for such things as planting and fence work.

Unlike the fine carriages built to transport people, the Buck Wagon fulfilled a need for the rugged use in taming the wild frontier into farms and ranches. Like the modern truck bed, farmers and ranchers needed a large enough wagon bed to haul bags of seed, fencing material, lumber, and other homestead supplies. The carriages were limited with just enough space to haul some baggage, or boxes from a trip to the store. Carriage seats were covered with fine upholstery materials, while the Buck Board seat utilized a wooden board with another wooden board back. All were attached with metal hardware and the leaf springs were added to the bottom to soften the rough ride.

Antique Buckboard seats and reproductions have become a popular decorative seat for modern day homes and outdoor covered porches.

Our Solid Oak Buckboard Bench with black metal hardware is replicated from a traditional Buckboard wagon seat. It is Amish handcrafted. The bench measures 42”W 32” T and it comes in finished oak as pictured. This is an interior buckboard bench we also offer a metal parts kit with instructions to build this bench using your own lumber material.

We also offer our authentic wagon bench seat for those looking for a bench to use outside on a porch or replacement of a wagon seat. This is the same seat sold with our box wagon, it is made to be used on a working wagon. The seat comes in unfinished popular, and features the authentic springs and metal hardware. The seat can be stained and varnished for a rustic inside bench or painted for outside use.

The seat is designed to fit the box sides of our 42” wide custom built wagon box. This is also the approx width of the seat. If you plan to use this seat as a self standing bench, a base will need to be added to tie the two sides together. Without the bench sitting on the wagon box, as it is designed, there will be no side to side support, thus it will need a base with a crosspiece to tie the two sides together. We can add a base as an additional option. We also sell the complete hardware kit with the authentic leaf springs to build this seat.

You can purchase the complete finished bench Oak Buckboard Bench, the unfinished Authentic Wagon Bench Seat or the hardware kits at

Be sure to check out the authentic Amish buggy blanket for those romantic cool evenings on your new buckboard or wagon bench.

Cottage Craft Works offers a full online back-to-basics general store, featuring products made and still used in the Amish communities and other small cottage based businesses which produce products for a more self-sufficient life style.


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