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Practical Tips Decorating your Kids Bedroom

Updated on July 1, 2011

The Basics

Decorating a Kids bedroom can be an uphill task as there are so many different choices that may be mind boggling.

Here are some key pieces of furniture which are a MUST for every bedroom.

  1. Bed
  2. Clothes cupboard
  3. Study Table & Chair
  4. Toy chest/box
  5. Bookshelf

The pieces chosen have to be sturdy and free of sharp edges/ easily broken.

I would also recommend that you choose pieces that are easy to maintain and clean.

How I did up the kids room

It may seem really cute to have kids size furniture from IKEA or other bargain stores to furnish your child's room. Practically speaking these furniture may last the most 2-3 years as your child would rapidly outgrow them and you would have to refurnish his room again with a normal size single bed and standard size cupboards, writing table.

I opted to get the boys super single bunk beds. These beds were slightly broader and gave them the spaced needed to toss and turn without falling out of the bed. I also had the option of placing both beds side by side first and later stacking them up so there will be more space in the room when they grew up.

I also use neutral and warm colours in the room to make it casual but at the same time not too kiddy. I know how unpleasant it would be for a ten year old to still have Thomas the train pictures decorating the wall which they have long outgrown. Having two boys of different age I need to take into consideration the likes of both kids and opted for neutral boyish themes.

Of course if you do have a big budget and can afford to makeover the room every 5 years or so I would say go for it. However for most parents it would be more practical if the furnishing chosen can last for a long period of time and be practical.

Choosing Suitable bedlinen

I would let the kids pick out their own bedlinen as it would make it more personalized. They too will be less resistant when it comes to bedtime to snuggle up under their own comforters.

My boys love Ben Ten, Thomas the Train Engines and Chuggington. However I chose bright colours so that they liven up the room.


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    • AsheLee profile image

      AsheLee 6 years ago from North Carolina

      That room is very cute and well put together. I feel overwhelmed designing my nursery