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Your home is your Paradise

Updated on May 22, 2010

What if you made your home a wondrous paradise that you could come home to every day. Most people are effected by their surroundings so having a clean and well decorated home is very important. You can do a few things to spice up the look of your home like adding certain home decor, keeping up with the daily house duties, and having some disinfectant wipes always handy. These are just a few things I do each day to keep the home clean.

Take out the trash each day. This includes mornings and afternoons. The garbage can stink up a small part of the house in a few days if you are not careful.

Hang up new decorations each month from my antique chest. Change is good and you should always remodel.

When you are finished doing something,  clean up your mess right away. Procrastination makes things worse.

Time in the kitchen should be spent wisely. When your cooking, put things away right as you cook. Instead of standing next to the chicken that's being cooked - you should  wash the dishes while waiting. That way you don't have a big mess to clean up after.

Make it a schedule to clean the house every two days. If you want to keep it super clean, every day is fine too.


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