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Build a Wine Cellar Guide

Updated on December 3, 2014

How to Build a Wine Cellar

How to Build a Wine Cellar

This lens discusses how to build a wine cellar in thirteen steps using wood, insulation, moisture resistant sheetrock, and plastic sheeting. Building a wine cellar is a very difficult task. As such, an expert should be contacted prior to the beginning of its construction. It is essential that underground wine cellars be excavated by professionals. Before installing the wine racks, it is necessary to paint the walls with moisture resistant paint. The floors should be wooden and also moisture-resistant; never use carpet in a wine cellar

How to Build a Wine Cellar

Tips for Building a Great Wine Cellar

How to Build a Wine Cellar

To build a wine cellar yourself may be quite challenging. There are many details that need to be considered when planning a wine cellar. The storage environment, architectural details, and other factors are crucial when designing a wine storage. Also you may want your wine cellar look well designed and traditional. Your budget estimations about building a decent wine cellar, including contractors, should be round $80-100, given you will do the excavation and concrete work yourself. The article provides basic instructions on how to build a wine cellar. Here you will find other useful tips as well.


Things you will need:

  • 2x6 studs
  • R19 and R30 insulation
  • 6 mil poly plastic sheeting
  • moisture-resistant sheetrock and paint
  • wine-cellar air conditioning unit
  • wine cellar door (specialty)
  • wine racks
  • stone tile or hardwood flooring


Before proceeding to the step by step instructions make up your mind about the functional side of the cellar. For example you may wish to have a cozy area for wine-tasting and dining in the cellar as well. However you can have it only for wine storing.

  • Step 1. Excavate space for the wine cellar.
  • Step 2. Keep the scheme in mind: 10x10 feet wall would suffice for up to 1600 wine bottles. For wine racks and dining table (plus chairs) envisage twice as much space.
  • Step 3. The underground cellar should be excavated by professional contractors. The main part of the cellar build - the wall should be framed properly. The area envisaged for the wine cellar may be: the basement, garage, or any other place n your house.
  • Step 4. Purchase a climatech as the best air conditioning solution for your wine cellar. Air conditioning for this purpose would differ from standard house conditioning. Keep the cellar air temperature at 55 - 59 F to allow proper preservation and maturing of the wine. Humidity of the air should remain constant at 65 - 70 percent.

  • Step 5. For R19 insulation, frame the walls with 2x6 material. The latter perfectly keeps the cellar temperature consistent.
  • Step 6. When you have framed the walls proceed with 6 mil poly plastic sheeting. Install the latter to the wall studs' face on the room's outside (also known as the warm side of the wall). It will serve as a vapor barrier. If there is no access to the face of outside stud, make the barrier in the wall cavity. In this case you should wrap the studs' inside face over.
  • Step 7. Run electrical line and then surface mounted fixtures. Low voltage light is preferable.
  • Step 8. Do insulation in walls (R19) and ceilings (R30), if needed on the floor as well.
  • Step 9. Sheath the interior walls with moisture-resistant material (DensArmour Plus or green board).
  • Step 10. Apply moisture resistant paint on the walls.
  • Step 11. According to your taste and preferred bottle capacity, install the wine racks.
  • Step 12. Lay hardwood and moisture-resistant flooring (no carpet!).
  • Step 13. Install the weather and air sealed door.

So these are the basic steps if you are interested to know how to build a wine cellar. However, when planning the wine cellar consult with an expert before starting all yourself.

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