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Floor Scrubber

Updated on September 21, 2010

 A floor scrubber is a easy and convenient way to keep those hard wood as well as carpet floors clean. It should be recommended that you give your floors a spring clean at least once every six months to ensure they are kept free of built up dust, carpet lice, stains and mold. Commercial floor scrubbers and automatic floor scrubbers come in a variety of sizes for most all floor cleaning purposes and can be hired out for a certain amount of time.

 Your typical floor scrubber machine will have a cleaning solution which is poured into the machine and is then sprayed into the carpet and scrubbed with a rotating brush which is then pumped into a outflow tank, with all the dirt and grime. As mentioned before there are many types of commercial and industrial floor scrubbers that are used for different types of surfaces, such as an electric floor scrubber or hoover floor scrubber for  use mainly around the home. A floor scrubber polisher or a tile floor scrubber is used for hard surfaces and should not be used on carpets. There are many names for these machines but they all work and operate the same way so don't let the names get you mixed up, as long as you choose the right one for the particular job at hand.


 Before you use one of these machines on your carpets or hard floor, you need to prepare your carpet of floor surface. A typical electric floor scrubber can sometimes spread the dust and dirt and may get trapped between the lines of the tiles. So make sure that you thoroughly sweep the surface of the floor before using. As with carpet floors a good hoover over will do the trick. Floor scrubber machines will need emptying when the outlet tank is dark and full of dirt then fresh water is needed to continue. This hub will touch on how to operate a floor scrubber, there is nothing to it, a commercial floor scrubber will either have instructions stuck to the side of the machine or in the manual book, so look through your instructions first. But in case they don't, then here's what you need to do.

How To Fill The Tank

OK you will have a intake take that you will need to fill with clean water, make sure the water temperature is hot but not scolding. Put the cleaning solution in the intake take carefully and slowly. Save space for the cleaning solution after filling the tank with clean water so to avoid over fill and spills. If possible remove all furniture , tables, and chairs into another room, or you could just move everything to one side and and clean one side of the room first, let it dry and clean the other.

Positioning the machine

Before you start make sure you have a plan, or pattern that will best suite you and obviously cover every part of the floor in the process. With automatic floor scrubbers there is no need to push the machine with unnecessary pressure , just let it move freely. If you do have a automatic floor scrubber then the work will be much less harder. Try and work your way towards the exit door so to avoid walking over your work, and plus you can then just let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

Operating your machine

 A home floor scrubber will have easy to operate buttons or switches with instructions. Most home floor scrubbers are controlled by three main operating buttons opposed to an advance floor scrubber which a few more. In any case you should have purchased the right one for your needs, if in doubt ask at the store for assistance they will be more than happy to help.

Right, as i said a basic floor scrubber will operate from three main switches, One for the water pump, one for the vacuum and finally one for the scrubber, turn each one on in that order. Work with the machine, slowly going down each row, and always keep an eye on the tank when it needs clean water. if you are doing carpets you may need to let it dry for at least 1/2 hour before placing furniture on top, but with hardwood floors there is no need, or a floor scrubber buffer attachment are ideal for these surfaces.



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    • profile image

      Natalie Bonanski 

      8 years ago

      Floor scrubbers are great for cleaning. They really cut down the time that it takes to get a deep clean. Before starting, make sure that the scrubbing pads that you are using are not too hard for your flooring type. If they are it could leave scratches that will not come out. Great hub!


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