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Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Updated on September 21, 2010

There are many types of  hardwood floor cleaners on today's market, but before you choose a floor cleaner for your  wooden floors, you must purchase the right one for your floors needs. There are a variety of these cleaning products from, hardwood floor steam cleaners, to a hardwood floor vacuum cleaner, and all these machines may require different cleaning solutions. The best hardwood floor cleaner is one that is recommended by your manufacturer for the purpose of that machine. A hardwood floor steam cleaner for example is made for steam cleaning and requires a solution that will keep under hotter than normal temperatures otherwise you can damage internal parts to the machine. If you are willing to splash out on a more quality model , a Bona hardwood floor cleaner is excellent machines for keeping your hardwood floors looking great and leaving a nice shine finish.

So how do you choose the right cleaner for the job?. Well rule number 1, always purchase a cleaner that is recommended for the type of floor your cleaning as well as the machine you use, have this information ready before you go out and buy one. Floors that have a polyurethane surface can be cleaned with Murphy Oil Soap as opposed to wood or stained wood that needs to be vacuumed , waxed and polished. laminate floors will also require a different solution, so always make sure you are using the right one for the right surface.

What not to use

 There are certain cleaners that should not be used on certain types of floors. Never use a sealer such as polyurethane on a hardwood floor, as well as water this may soak into the wood and it will end up being warped and bent over time. Ammonia-based cleaners should also not be used on hardwood floors as these will tend to reduce the shine in the floor and give it a dull finish. Remember to ask a professional or follow manufactures instructions, never second guess when it comes to treating your hardwood floor.

Things You Can Do

 Common house hold chores to do for preventing build up of dirt and stains is to simply sweep and vacuum your floor daily this is so that dirt won't get trapped or embed into the lines of the boards if neglected over time. To prevent dirt from spreading over you wood floor you could also put door mats at the entrances or a area rug to hold incoming dirt. Floor buffers are handy for when your floor needs a quick buff to shine it up again, hand buffing is a option (with some elbow grease).

Going Green

 Some household chemicals can be used to clean your hardwood floor. if you have a polyurethane covered floor a simple bucket filled with warm water mixed with  dish washing detergent will do. Make sure not to use a half soaked mop on your floor always rise out as much of the water as you can. For those hard to get out stains such as shoe scuff marks or tough dirt dirt stains try using baking soda, sprinkle and lightly rub a little on the stain and wipe clean with a rag or cloth. Natural citrus solvent can also be used for spot cleaning your floors as well.

When you purchase a floor cleaner your manufacture will provide you with a couple of bottles of cleaning solution with you purchase. Remember the cleaning product you use so in the future you can buy the appropriate cleaner. Ask if these products can be brought from a hardware outlet in your local area, if not than you may need to arrange products to be sent to you once you run out of stock. As mentioned before there are so many available cleaning products one can choose from on the market, so make sure you choose the right one for your specific needs.  


Cleaning Hardwood Floors


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    • Gruene Steam profile image

      Gruene Steam 

      8 years ago from Austin, TX

      Thanks for outlining what is safe to use on hardwood floors. Not every hard surface floor cleaner is safe to use on hardwood. It would help to get personalized advice to ensure you get the best cleaner.


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