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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Updated on September 16, 2010

kitchen cabinet refacing can transform any cabinet into a standard looking piece of furniture to one that will transform the whole outlook of your kitchen. An advantage to doing this type of project is that you can completely choose how you cabinet will look, in terms of color. This has obvious advantages if you want to color coordinate your kitchen cabinet with the rest of the colors that surround your dining area.

To reface kitchen cabinets one needs to consider the condition of the cabinet itself, When doing kitchen cabinets, refacing is done by using a overlay that is held with strong adhesive glue, this is when the original exterior surface of your cabinet is worn and tattered. Refacing kitchen cabinets cost the average person around $800 to $1000 to be done professionally but if your a bit of a DIY-er this can easily be done in a day. This project might be for the more advanced DIY-er but if you have a general knowledge on measurements and basic mechanical knowledge, then you can do this project with ease it ain't rocket science but it does require some basic knowledge about building.

Cost Of Refacing

kitchen cabinet refacing cost can also vary depending on the state of the cabinet itself, and the structural integrity of the cabinet as well. Kitchen cabinet door refacing is a much cheaper and easily done process so one need to decide on what part of the cabinet needs refacing to avoid any extra cost should you get this done by a professional. For a kitchen cabinet, refacing doors is a job that can be done in less than a few hours, refacing kitchen cabinet doors is relatively straight forward. This hub will touch on how you can reface the exterior of your whole cabinet and make it look as good as the day you purchased it. 

Refacing Your Cabinet

To make life easier purchase a cabinet refacing kit from you local hardware store, make sure it has all the necessary items needed for the job. First thing you will need to do is dismantle your cabinet, firstly take off the cabinet doors, take out all drawers as well. With a fine grit sandpaper sand all surfaces of the cabinet including doors and drawers this will ad a holding surface for the adhesive. grab a bowl of warm water and mild detergent and wipe all surfaces making sure to clear any debris and dust, and with a dry cloth give it a final wipe down. OK you can now place your side panels to the cabinet and securely seal it with adhesive, once you have done this finish the area with finishing nails, which should be supplied in your kit. Sand the edges of the panels until they are flush with the cabinet on either side. Do this process to the exterior of your cabinet cutting and measuring panels if need be, to fit.

Adding Extras

If you are deciding on adding any new shelves or hinges make sure you do it before placing the doors and drawers. If not then you can now place your cabinet doors back in place. Attach your new drawer faces and secure them with finishing nails. And there you have it, this is a simplified version of refacing a kitchen cabinet there are more in-depth tutorials on how to reface your kitchen cabinet if you still need to know more. Remember you can customize the look of you kitchen cabinet to suit any environment in the house, weather for the kitchen area or lounge area. Refacing furniture gives you the option of choosing what you like so take full advantage of this before deciding on the final outlook.

Refacing Drawers


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    • henry1robertson profile image


      8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA 90013

      Refacing plays an very important role in your kitchen, replace old kitchen as new one.


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