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Luxury Bedding

Updated on December 3, 2010

Luxury bedding for most people seem to be only for the upper class group of people. But with a little imagination you can turn any bedroom into a palace fit for a king or Queen. You can achieve this buy simply placing and adding a few items here and there. we will cover a few ideas to make your bedroom fit for a King with a few minor changes and archive a couple of things here and there you will be surprised on how much effect these changes can do to make your bedroom look like a million bucks.

About This Article

This article will teach you how you can do just that as well as protecting and keeping your bedding clean and protected. A good place to start is swapping your current bedding with a more upgraded look. Purchase a duvet blanket cover and duvet pillow cases to match.


If you have just a sheet and a few top blankets then you will be amazed how much difference a duvet set with cotton foam inner will transform the look of your bed.Choose a duvet pattern and color that will compliment you bedroom.For personal comfort you can purchase a wool rest bed cover or a inner spring mattress to add extra comfort. Have a few bed sheets and pillow cases in stock that will also compliment your new make over.Sometimes your bedroom can only be as comfortable as it's surroundings will allow.For instance if you live in a area where the weather is fairly cold then make sure you get a thicker inner for your duvet. You will find that manufacturers of duvet sets have catered for all consumers and their needs. with most duvet having a cotton inner foam or if not foam then filled with feathers.Duvet can be bought in all sizes,but the real benefit with using duvet covers is that they can be changed  to fit your mood or style at any given time.

Extra Protection

For hygiene use a and for the protection of your mattress you can add a mattress pad as well as protection it will also ad comfort. You will find a range of different mattress pads on the market such as your normal standard fitted pads, memory foam pads, pads with the inner filled with feathers to plastic mattress protectors in case of spills. But the main thing here is that your purchase one that is gonna ad comfort for you as well as style.Ask the store owner about the different type of mattress protection is best for you, get in there and feel the fabric before you make a purchase lay on the bed in the store and see if it has the comfort you require. You will be surprised at some of the items you will find in your local news paper or second hand stores. There might be a deal on a bed frame and accessories that will spice up your room, you never know until you see for yourself.

Types Of Sheets

As well as duvets choosing the right sheets  is essential as well. there is a way to tell the comfort level of a bed sheet, it is called thread count, this means the number of threads per square inch of fabric, this was something new to me when i found out that this basically means that the more the thread count or higher the thread count of a bed sheet or even a pillow case the softer and silkier the fabric will be and feel.You would have heard of %100 percent cotton is pretty high up there, and %100 percent Egyptian cotton is way up there, now this all depends on your comfort level and what you want from bed in terms of style and comfort. Whatever you choose to do to give your bedroom a  make over just follow the number one rule, and go for affordable style and comfort that suites your personality.


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