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Stained Glass Fireplace Screen

Updated on November 18, 2013

Tiffany Style Glass Fireplace Screens

A stained glass fireplace screen is a beautiful and safe home decoration and protection accessory for those winter times when you want to use the fireplace to keep the home warm. In fact fireplace screens made of glass are some of my favorites, surpassing wooden and even metal ones.

The reason? If you use real fireplaces, the metal screens can really burn you if you're not careful, as they can get very hot, and the wooden ones...well they're only good for decoration, but not for protection from fire.

Tiffany Style Victorian Fireplace Screen with 62 Cabochons

In addition glass screens control of how much oxygen gets to the burn chamber, with the benefit of having those fire logs last longer overnight. And finally, when it comes to the décor aspects, there is just something to watching the fire through stained glass that brings a romantic feeling in the room. There is no conventional screen interfering with you looking at the fire, and depending on the colors of the glass, the effects are at times truly wonderful.

Here you will find some of the most beautiful and elegant stained glass fireplace screens for your home. Whether you use them with real or fake fireplaces, lit or unlit, they will bring new life to your room décor and make your guests feel comfortable during their visit.

Clear Front Stained Screens

Clear front allows you to watch the flames dancing away

Tiffany Style Victorian Design 3 Pieces Folding Fireplace Screen

Tiffany Style Victorian Design 3 Pieces Folding Fireplace Screen
Tiffany Style Victorian Design 3 Pieces Folding Fireplace Screen

If you enjoy watching the fire dancing with grace in front of you, then this fireplace screen is the perfect room accessory with a free view to the flames through the clear glass. While some people prefer the heavily decorated screens in multicolor stains, I actually enjoy more the clearer view that this type of door gives me.

Dimensions are 40"x31" and it has some beautiful copper accents - all handmade. Really great colors and it's a talk piece whenever you have guests around!


What Are The Benefits Of A Fireplace Screen In Your Home?

The most important benefit I can see from having a fireplace screen when you have a fire going in your home is for your own protection and that of your family and house. The safety of your home should be of utmost importance at all times, especially when 'playing with fire'.

The firescreen can easily keep any accidental flying sparks where they belong - back in the fireplace. This way you keep your carpet and floor or nearby furniture from igniting and causing a major fire.

Also very important, especially when you have kids around is to keep them from touching the very hot doors. Kids do like to touch pretty much everything and a hot door wouldn't make them blink twice before they give it a try.

The fireplace glass doors and screens are great for energy efficiency, even if it doesn't look like it initially. They can easily act a barrier between the chimney and the home interior because they minimize how much air escapes from the chimney. This can, in turn, save some dollars from the high costs.

Also pets are curious animals, so keeping them away from the hot door and fireplace is an added bonus. I really can't recommend having a screen in front of the place highly enough for the safety of your family, pets and home. And let's face it, depending on the screen you get, you will actually enhance the décor of your home greatly, especially with the stained glass designs which are elegant, classy and simply gorgeous, as you'll see below.

Wisteria Stained Glass Fireplace ScreenVIEW DETAILS

While there is some decoration on the front of the fireplace screen, there is enough clear space to see the fire burning brightly. The blue green colors are pleasing to the eye and can easily match any room décor with their muted colors. Dimensions are 40"x34".

Clear Beveled Fireplace ScreenVIEW DETAILS

A real Meyda fireplace screen made of stained glass with dimensions of 34"x40" it can easily become the focal point in the entire room. It has a classic look that integrates well with any room décor, including black, white and cream. Unobtrusive, yet timeless elegant, it has 446 stained glass pieces that make this elaborate geometric beveled figure.

Dale Tiffany Multicolored Anemone Fireplace Screen With Art Glass ShadeVIEW DETAILS

A real Dale Tiffany piece, handmade of stained glass measuring 50"x34" is a piece of art. You can also use lightbulbs with it if you don't want to have it in front of a lit fire. Owning a real Dale Tiffany at this price is almost incredible. I've seen some selling at close to $1000 a piece!

Highly Decorative Stained Glass Fireplace Screens

Dale Tiffany Multicolored Scarberry Fireplace Screen With Antique Brass Finish And Art GlassVIEW DETAILS

A real Dale Tiffany, this stained glass fireplace screen will do any living room justice. Dimensions are 40-Inch x 34-Inch with a mix of stained glass material and antique brass for that elegant old style effect. The details are amazing, the colors vibrant and beautiful, and watching the fire flames through the screen can easily bring a lovely meditative state of relaxation after a stressful day at work.

Which Fireplace Glass Screens And Doors Are Right For Me?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you're choosing your first fireplace screen made of any type of glass.

First of all you need to check what type of fireplace you have. Is it a typical factory made one or a masonry fireplace? The masonry fireplaces are made of bricks, nature stones, cement and the like, while factory made ones include metal, insulated walls and air-cooled blowers.

Also how big your fireplace is? Measure its exact size for best screen fitting. You might either get away with one that you can readily buy, or you will have to get a custom fitted one, depending on the size available.

Finally it is all about the style of your room ambient. Stained glass doors and screens are for elegant and classy rooms and they can easily be a focal point in the room. Regular glass ones might just simply blend in as another furniture piece in your room.

Tiffany Style Floral Castle Wall Fireplace ScreenVIEW DETAILS

Elegant floral stained glass screen for your fireplace with blue overtones strongly reminds me of marine life in a clear see. It is made of 414 pieces with dimensions of 31'' H X 48'' W with a bronze frame finish for that extra stability and careful detail. Adorable!

Tiffany Style Victorian Fireplace Screen with 62 CabochonsVIEW DETAILS

Beautiful intricate design in this Tiffany style fireplace screen made of hundreds of little pieces of glass. Handmade piece of art with a retail value of $1,000. Dimensions are 44"x28". Very beautiful piece!

Tiffany Style Mission Fireplace Screen with Eleven CabochonsVIEW DETAILS

Made of stained glass with a matching bronze frame, if you like the elegant look of brown and blue, this is a gorgeous piece to own. Dimensions are 44"x29" and just out or curiosity - it has 157 glass pieces as stained glass look. Really beautiful and quite cheap for the artwork.

3 Pieces Folding Tiffany-glass Fireplace ScreenVIEW DETAILS

395 glass pieces framed in copper make this gorgeous Tiffany style glass fireplace. Main colors in green and blue give a fresh and lively look to any room. Dimensions are 44"x28.5", which is the average size for most such fireplaces. Fully handcrafted!

Butterfly Fireplace Screen Fireplace ScreenVIEW DETAILS

This is an expensive piece, but oh so worth it! Tiffany stained glass style measuring 40"x34", it has some amazing colors that will make the focal point of any elegant room on a festive Christmas night. Real Meyda piece. It's truly one of my favorite pieces, and I so wish I could afford it!

Ribbons & Flowers Fireplace Screen Fireplace ScreensVIEW DETAILS

A true Meyda handmade piece worth its price in gold, this fireplace screen is elegant in an unobtrusive way. It doesn't try to take the spot in the room, but instead it gives it a warm, spacious and lively atmosphere that will make the guests feel at home.

Dimensions are 44"x34" and it's made of 1044 stained glass pieces carefully put together in this elegant décor piece.

Dragonfly/Flower Fireplace ScreenVIEW DETAILS

Real Meyda fireplace screen handmade of stained glass in many gorgeous colors. Dragonflies and flowers are at the center of the design. Whether you use real wood or a fake fireplace, the screen will create a unique look and feel to your room décor. Dimensions are 40"x34" with a solid brass frame around the pieces.

Note Sure If It's Worth Getting One? - Check out these videos showing them in action

Clear Glass Fireplace Screens

Blomus Glass Fireplace Screen

You might want to also check out these clear glass fireplace screens for a more everyday-traditional look. Easy to switch between the clear glass and stained glass screen as the need arises and guests are coming or going.

Blomus Glass Fireplace Screen
Blomus Glass Fireplace Screen

A simple clear glass fireplace screen with dimensions of 6.3 x 31.6 x 20 inches. Put in front of the fireplace to keep accidents from happening. Made of tempered glass which doesn't break easily. Should be kept at least 16" away from the open fire.


3Panel Fireplace Screen

Panacea Products 15137 3-Panel Mission Fireplace Screen
Panacea Products 15137 3-Panel Mission Fireplace Screen

Rather elegant fireplace screen made of a mixture of mesh and glass with steel frame for extra protection. Love the gold accents which make it a highly decorative element in the room. Dimensions are 32" H x 50" W.


Panacea Fireplace Screen

Panacea Products 15832 Flat Fireplace Screen With Doors Fireplace Enclosures & Screens
Panacea Products 15832 Flat Fireplace Screen With Doors Fireplace Enclosures & Screens

Simple yet classic and elegant fireplace screen with dimensions 31 x 39 x 2 inches. Convenient and quite functional piece.


2-Door Panel Fireplace Hearth Spark Screen

MISSION 2-Door Panel Fireplace Hearth Spark Screen [44" x 33"] - BLACK
MISSION 2-Door Panel Fireplace Hearth Spark Screen [44" x 33"] - BLACK

A 2 door fireplace screen that protects your floor and carpet from open fire. Sturdy, elegant and functional, a great piece to have in the room. Dimensions of 44"x33".


Zack Scinta Fire Screen, Set Of 3

Zack 50030 SCINTA fire screen, set of 3
Zack 50030 SCINTA fire screen, set of 3

Interesting glass fireplace screen made of 3 pieces that sit in front of the open fire to protect and decorate the room. Glass with stainless steel and brushed finish with dimensions of 20 x 6 x 36 inches. Eye catching piece.


Do You Have A Fireplace At Home?

Do You Have A Fireplace At Home?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Really cool concept! I've never actually seen one of these, which is odd in my line of work. But I like them. :)

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      5 years ago

      Gorgeous and practical. I love the Mission style and the Castle Wall ones.

    • Jo-Jackson profile image


      5 years ago

      These are beautiful. I have never seen stained glass fireplace screens before.

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      6 years ago

      Wow these Stained Glass Fireplace Screens are so beautiful.

    • profile image

      Dianeyp LM 

      6 years ago

      These stained glass fireplace screens are gorgeous. We are fixing up our family room and just had the fireplace checked out, will have to look at these. great lens!

    • GypsyOwl profile image

      Deb Bryan 

      6 years ago from Chico California

      Your stained glass fireplace screen review is fabulous! I didn't realize there were so many beautiful stained glass fireplace screens to choose from. I can imagine how stunning a winter night would be with the amazing ambiance these will bring to any fireplace. Can you imagine the colors and reflections these will add to an evening by the fire? These are amazing!


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