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Stone Flooring

Updated on December 3, 2010

Stone flooring adds value to any building or property wile at the same time providing style and design to compliment the finishing look. There are  many designs for stone flooring that one can choose from as well as different type of stone that can be used, for instance natural stone is slightly more expensive to purchase than stone that is manufactured.

There are the more expensive such as pebble tiles or travertine and slate tiles one can choose from if  you are wanting to ad a more extravagant look. Before deciding what you would like then base your decision on the environmental factors, how much maintenance will be required  and of course the cost. You will find that the most preferred stone flooring is slate as one can choose from a variety of textures and colors and can be used either in or outdoors to give a natural look.


Make sure you check the grading when buying slate as the lower grades tend to flake after a period of time, insist on purchasing the more long lasting higher grade slating that will last you a life time. For added protection slate floors should be sealed after insulation for added protection from the elements, if in doubt then ask your manufacturer for any requirements you need to do to keep your stone flooring protected. You can purchase polishes or waxes that are specifically made for stone floors this will give your floor a natural gleam and shine.Maybe you prefer cobble stone this is a traditionally used material going back to the 17 and 18 century when it was more used for public foot paths and streets.

Cobble Stone

Cobble stone will ad a traditional look and style. Nowadays you can buy a more modern type look which gives the consumer the option to customize the pebbles as well as color to blend with it's surroundings. Again you will need to protect your cobble stone area with a protective polish or wax this should be applied every 4 to 5 months out of the year, or when deemed necessary considering how often the area is used. Pebble tiles are a great choice as well, they are made from genuine natural stones that are polished to a fine shine. pebble tiles are popular for it's originality and stand out  from the competition. For convenience the tiles have a interlocking system with mesh backing so they can be laid over practically any surface. They give a great look to any area of the home but are most common in say the pool area, bathroom, or kitchen as the surface of these tiles gives grip on wet surfaces.

Flagstone Flooring

Flagstone flooring is yet another choice that adds style to any area. This material is mainly  used in areas such as the entrance ways,patio, or a sun room. These large tiles makes it faster and easier to lay down therefore you  may need a little help in the installation if doing it by yourself.This type of flooring is lasting and very durable and requires little maintenance, and one has the option of choosing from natural or pre-made stone tiles. The difference with going natural as opposed to manufactured, is that pre-made stone tiles can be easily customized to fit where as natural tiles may need to be chipped to fit. In any case these flagstone floor tiles make a great look. what ever stone floor tiling you decide to choose try and consider the purpose your new tile floor will serve, weather indoors or outdoors, or a wet or dry surface and the cost once you have considered all your options then youll have a look you can be proud of.

How to Lay Floor Tiles


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      Stone Flooring Arizona 

      7 years ago

      Great Info ! Your Stone Flooring ideas are really interesting and effective. Thanks..


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