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Wood Floor Cleaner

Updated on September 21, 2010

 Wood floors are gaining popularity in most modern homes these days because of their fine wood finish, shine and grain that compliments any home environment. A good wood floor cleaner will need to be considered if you are to keep your wood floor looking as good as new.

Wood floor cleaners should be used for that purpose (for wood) never soak a wood floor using a mop and bucket, as over time the wood will start to warp and bend, using a laminate wood floor cleaner on a wood floor that is coated in polyurethane  is best to use , and the mop is squeezed and rinsed practically dry. Still check your manufactures instructions before using any hardwood floor cleaners. A wood floor vacuum cleaner can be hired at most hardware outlets and is perfect for getting into those areas between the wood boards. This article will show you how to make your own home made hardwood floor cleaner with common items around the home.

Using Homemade Cleaners

 Ok the more common home made wood cleaner is a mixture of vinegar and warm water. As vinegar contains a acid chemical the breaks up any dirt or lite stains when used , then it is just a matter of wiping clean. Use quarter of a cup of white vinegar to every gallon of warm water and mix together in a bucket.

 A sponge mop will be best for wooed floors as it can be rinsed dry more easily opposed to having to squeeze dry and heavy wet mop. Do not let any wet spots build up on the floor , have a dry towel handy to wipe and damp areas if need be. Here is a old school method one can try , my aunty considers this to be the best wood floor cleaner she used back in the day. And it does do the job quite well. Boil up a gallon of water and chuck in 12 tea bags let the tea bags soak in the water until solution is dark and strong, and let it sit until warm. As with the previous solution use a sponge mop and wipe any damp areas with a clean dry towel.


For de-greasing a wood floor try using a few drops of unscented color free dish soap add the solution to a spray bottle and lightly spray the area that needs de-greasing , and quickly wipe the suface clean with a dry towel. Never ever let water sit on your wood floor. Are more less milder solution one can use is baby shampoo. Add two table spoons to a gallon of warm water and proceed to use your sponge mop and towel once again. for a wood laminate cleaning solution try adding two cups of white vinegar with two cups of water and one cup of lemon juice and mix solution and again , place in a spray bottle.


Searching Online

 If you have a internet connection, it is great to go online and find all sorts of home made wood cleaning products that people are sharing with the online world. And is also a less cost effective way to check out the prices of all the different kinds of wood cleaning products that are sold in your area.  You could also search for more specific professional advice to cleaning your wood floor from tradesmen who do it for a living. I must stress that to ensure your wood floor stays looking good as new find out as much information on the type of wood floor you have, and the cleaning solution that best meets those needs as well as your budget.

Caring For Wood Floors


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