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10 Do's and Don't's to Help Sell Your House Faster

Updated on July 11, 2013

Things you can do to help sell your house

Selling your house can be a stressful time. Usually once the decision to sell is made the seller wants to sell as quickly as possible. Whether you chose to go with a realtor or sell your home yourself, for sale by owner, there are things you can do to help.

1. First Impressions Count. Make sure that the first thing that people see when approching your home is good. In fact, you should actually drive up to your home and take a look with this in mind. What is the first thing people see? Is it appealing? Can you do anything to make it better? For example, if your home seems 'blah' as you approach, maybe just painting the door would dress things up.

2. Power wash the outside of your home. Many times people think they need to paint but they either can't afford to hire it out or don't feel they have time. Often simply power washing the outside of the house will make it appear like a fresh paint job. Also, check the trim. It's possible that just painting the trim will greatly spruce up your exterior.

3. If painting the inside, don't just do white. Many times people think "oh I'll just paint it white so that it's neutral. That's not always the best. You may want to consider going down to your local paint store and seeing what the new hip colors are. Using some of these newer in colors will make your house look more modern and hip. But if you are unsure, go with the white. It's safe.

4. Wash your windows. Light inside of a house can make all of the difference in the world. Many people are so used to looking out their windows that they don't even see the dirt. Wash your windows and let the sun shine in!

5. Swap out any fixtures that 'date' your home. That old light fixture that's in your entry way that was installed in 1950 can really 'date' your home. Swapping it out for a newer modern inexpensive light can really change the way people see your home. Many times kitchen lights get overlooked. They are there every day and you just don't even notice them. But swapping them out for some newer more modern lighting can change your whole kitchen.

6. Don't skip the garage. Get rid of the clutter and paint the floor and walls. People need to see the space to know what they are getting. If your garage is all cluttered with tools, bikes and other stuff they won't be able to see the room. People like to see a clean, spacious garage. A fresh coat of paint on the floor really can brighten it up too.

7. Get rid of the clutter in the rest of the house too. Go thru the house and get rid of any clutter. Since you will be moving once the house is sold, if not before then go thru and pack any things that you won't need between now and your move. Get the Christmas decorations out of the house. Get clothes for seasons that aren't needed now out. Go thru and box up anything that you won't need. It's a great way to go thru things anyway and it makes your house look cleaner and more spacious.

Things NOT to do when selling your home

8. Don't put on addition in hopes it will help you sell your home. You can never get your money back. It's too expensive of an attempt at making your house more sellable. You are better off putting less money into some of the others things listed here.

9. Don't add a home office by eliminating a bedroom. Not all people want or need a home office. Many people are more interested in having more bedrooms. Taking away a bedroom to have an office is a big risk. And anyone will know they can convert a bedroom into an office if they need one.

10. Don't put in a swimming pool. Again, you don't know if someone will want a swimming pool or not and most likely the swimming pool will not add enough to the price of your home to cover the cost of the pool. If people want a swimming pool they will put it in after they purchase the home.

Now Get Ready To Sell!

There are many things you can or should not do to speed up the sale of your home. Many of these are no brainers but sometimes we just need to be reminded. So if you are trying to sell your house, go through the list above and see what you can do to improve your odds. Try to walk through your home starting with the outside with an objective mind. See what others will see when they come to view your home. Sometimes it's even worth asking a friend to come do the walk through with you. They can be more objective.


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